October Surprise – Day 2

Posted: October 5, 2020 in Uncategorized

We had our usual Stamford buffet breakfast Covid Style – you point at food and they put it on your plate . On the road by 730 am to be at Toowoomba by 0900 to meet up with some of clan at Picnic Point Lions Park. It is a great area for kids and had a wonderful time with half the 6 pack. Anastasia Beaverhausen has done a pretty good job but this new rule of “ only 3 Grandmuchins at a time “ is a bit poor

Then it was onto Stanthorpe via Warwick for our 2 night stay at Granite Belt Brewery . On outskirts of town we dropped into Sutton’s Cidery and Juicery for a light lunch . For some reason they also wanted me to log in AND provide a urine sample. Well , it had been a long drive…

On to our lodgings and luckily they had log cabins and not just a cold room. When we saw our Cabin 7 we felt right at home

Thought best plan was to look at a map of wineries while sampling our first ale . Did I mention the brewery was on site 🕺🏻 We have dinner at the on site restaurant booked tonight so we’re looking for a light afternoon.

Most of the wineries we are interested in are about a 30 min drive south of Stanthorpe so will do in one hit tomorrow . We chose Ridgemill Estates as first winery as close by. Excellent cellar door and friendly staff and purchased a couple of reds. As it turned out was our only winery of the day 😰

Then onto the Brass Monkey Brewery – which was closed sadly. It is a public holiday of course so there will be closures. Brass Monkey theme does seem popular around here . Here is one I prepared earlier

We decided to check out the metropolis that is Stanthorpe then and not sure whether it was because it was a PH or that Stanthorpe is just dull but man it was quiet. Tomorrow may confirm our suspicions

First I’m pressions of log cabins are would be great in winter so may return . Wi Fi is spotty as one may expect so hope peace and quiet is the trade off for the night. Expected to get down to 8 degrees – Darool Darool . We have a continental breakfast hamper included so really don’t need to poke a foot outside door until 9 am

Unless we find a winery open at 8 am ….

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