October Surprise – Day 1

Posted: October 4, 2020 in Uncategorized

After a few attempts to visit Victoria this month we finally gave up and settled for a few days closer to home. Granite Belt appealed as gave us an opportunity to catch up with Toowoomba clan on way through and when we found a place with log cabins and a brewery on site ,well it seemed like destiny. First up though a day and night in Brisvegas and a catch up with Ferguson Matriach at the Low Security Twilight Home.

We then made a slight detour to catch up with ADJG at Burbank for an early birthday drink for Julia. And by early I mean Champers at 10 am 🕺🏻
We had booked our usual hotel for the night – Stamford Plaza- and thought would try for the usual early check in at midday. Luckily our room was ready or else it was back to ADJG – so I mean lucky for them of course. It’s all self park now as well but at least room on site . As we arrived a very long limo pulled up in front and 4 people got out. Initially I thought the All Blacks were in town but they were actually women. A group to avoid methinks and luckily they went to 16 th floor and we are on 12 th. I think their footsteps would be good for about 2 floors of cement so we should be ok. Nice room as usual

The Stamford does look pretty busy actually and then it into CBD for lunch. To be fair we made it a block before we stopped for a beer at the Buffalo Bar. This part of town was pretty dead so we settled in for a beer and some of their famous buffalo wings. Ah no, not available today Sir. Some chips , chicken and burger then I guess and watch the world go by

Speaking of said world I would suggest many other countries would wish they were in our shoes at present. At Noosaville yesterday and again today people are out and about, casual and carefree, eating, drinking and being merry . Hardly any masks at all or social distancing. Have we gone a bit early – time will tell .

Glorious weather so will probably duck out for a walk and maybe early dinner a bit later on. Sadly pool is in shade all afternoon and still some pesky kids around . At least no NRL or AFL players around….

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