RtR – Thats a Wrap

Posted: November 12, 2019 in Travel

Our lodgings in Muscle Creek were very good although for a spacious house in pleasant temperatures the bedroom was very warm and needed fan on during night. Never going to be a great sleep with early start but a delicious home cooked meal and no alcohol at least gave us a fighting chance. Woke at 5 and had a very healthy continental breakfast laid out for us which made it easy. On the road at 545 am just as the Sun was considering getting out of bed. On full alert for kangaroos at this time of day but avoided all. Cant say he same for many others. The number of dead animals on side and middle of highways during our drives has been alarming. Not only are many animals killed sadly but also drivers are put at risk and a lot of damage to cars I imagine. We were breaking up the long 11 hr drive in regular breaks and the first one was Tamworth because it had a Maccas:) Next up was Warialda because it was 2 hrs further on and and had a rest stop. There is logic here but not always the same one….

It was starting to get warm as we neared Qld border and as it was 11 am on the 11th of the 11 th we duly observed our 1 mins silence of remembrance on the road. Then we crossed into Qld at Texas , gained an extra hour to live and the temp hit 30 degrees for first time in a few months. My heart did skip a beat but that could have been the Egg and Sausage McMuffin I had a few hrs ago to be fair. Then 20 mins later we observed another minutes silence at 11 am! As Peter Allen would say “But no matter how far or how wide I roam” I doubt I will ever have 2 minutes of remembrance 20 mins apart on Nov 11th again

My sense of direction has never won any awards so had to trust Chief Navigator and Mintie Supplier CLP that while it seemed we may have been heading North West we were getting closer to Brisbane and ultimate destination of Flashman Inc HQ at Sunny Coast. After a good run and clever planning we probably made our only mistake of the trip and thought we would stop at Coffee Club in Warwick for a sit down lunch because had only been sitting down for the previous 7 hrs. It was also time to hand over to Brockie for the final 25 laps. The mistake of expecting quick service for the relatively simple request of 2 x TCTS was compounded by a common theme this holiday. Bloody old farts taking forever to place an order JUST AHEAD OF US. FFS. Then we opted for “just tap water” please and she followed it to a tee. Two unwashed glasses bought out straight from tap! So after wasting 30 mins there back on road for a short detour to Beachmere to see da boys as only briefly glanced them at Wedding.

In 11 hrs on the road plenty of time to talk and change plans if not clothes. Given we would now be home on Monday late arvo the only other appointment on calendar was Martin and Short at Boondall Entertainment Centre on Wednesday Night at 8 pm. This would involve driving down and back same night and then up at 4 am next morning for trip back to Maryhole AKA Reality. Didnt seem such a grand plan heading to Warwick so opted to bail as much as do love Martin and Short. CLP will still go and just hope she can see the stage through the tears of me not being there. So I got up at 4 am on Tuesday instead and drove back home. Did washing, rearranged dust in yard, bought some groceries and started to catch up on the 327 shows I had missed. Back on GC tomorrow and already back at My Barista panting at the door at 5:29 am. Its the simple things that count

So some “Flashies

Best Wedding Attended Small field, clear winner

Best Accomodation Adagio at Kangaroo Island but did come at a price

Best Value Accomodation Araleun at Gundagai. Half a house and great breakfast

Best Bucket List Item Hot Air Balloon at Hunter Valley

Best Meal Cooked by Us Frenchie Cooking at St Kilda

Best Cellar Door Wynns at Coonawarra

Best Family Feed and Free Alcohol Ferguson Windy Hill B&B

Best Fun Had While Drinking Free Alcohol Cards Against Humanity

Best Natural Attraction

Oops – Admirals Arch

Best Drive No real bad ones really. Some boring ones and usually on the best roads. The drive through Victoria from Coonawarra to Harcourt North was probably best. Cool, overcast day. No traffic. Tree lined highways yada yada yada

Worst Sleep Lakeview Motel @ Robe. Hotel and room was fine but ignorant asshole next door kept me up most of night

Most Fun Hitting Golf Balls at Australia from Dudley Wines

Worst Tourist Experience Paddle Steamer on Murray. Dull and Boring

Dullest Town in Australia Barmedman

Daylight Robbery still in 2019 $9 slice of Fruit Cake at Jerilderie

Worst Service Frau Blucher at Das Kaffeehaus, Castlemaine

And so the final tally

Road to Rooin’ 2019 – The Wrap

Klms Travelled ~ 7000 k
Daughters Married – 1
Car accidents – 0
Speeding Fines – 0 ( received by 11.11 anyway…)
Roos hit by us – 0
Roos hit by others – 671 😢
Minutes of Remembrances observed 11.11@11 am – 2 x 1
Love of Daylight Saving – 0
Love of Victorian Weather – 1,000,000
Bottles Wine bought home – 30
Bottles of Wine shipped – 48
Time until plan next holiday – 0.1 sec

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