RtR – Muscling up at The Creek

Posted: November 10, 2019 in Travel

Not a bad nights sleep at all although did have horrible dreams about an especially ugly Geisha woman molesting me while grinning mischievously . Did wake to a beautiful day and likely the last sub 30 degree day will see until May next year 😰

After the roaring (as in Trucks driving past) success of Little Dullsville last night we decided to go down the small town path again for our last night away. Yes, fans it all ends today as plans have changed and a 12 hr drive home to Sunny (and Hot) Coast tomorrow awaits. It’s been a blast but all things end. And then the next thing starts. 🤓

First though a 6 hr drive to Muscle Creek just outside Tendon Town. Also known as Muswellbrook:) For first half we seem to be following the trail of the poet and didnt know it. Yeowal was the childhood town of Banjo Patterson. It would have been a lonely childhood, no wonder he left. Then we passed through Wellington which is very much Duelling Banjos territory . More heads than hats needed if u get my drift. Had a forgettable coffee but it was a needed 2 hr stop. Finally then it was onto Henry Lawson territory and Gulgong where he spent his childhood. Imagine if Henry and Banjo had hooked up in Wellington? Maybe they did, would explain the townsfolk ….

It was now back on the road and time to decide whether to push on through to Muscle Creek or would it be too much strain? We saw a pub in Merriwa 50 mins out and they had been few and far between so stopped for lunch and a beer. The Royal Hotel was a bit rough but had a separate dining area and toilets so we had a steak sandwich. In the dining area, not the toilets . Very filling and perfect fodder for time of day

One our way through NSW have passed a couple of large open cut Coal Mines but none as “impressive” as the one in the Upper Hunter. The backdrop of the mountains in the background is startling but also distressing in a way

The final push had us at our Air BnB around 230 pm. This host has English Staffys in a closed off area but they seemed friendly enough . It’s a lovely house and plenty of room to spread out in with communal areas. We have opted for the home cooked dinner so basically not going anywhere until 6 am tomorrow morning

After all this driving it must be time for a break. Ah there’s one . Later dudes and dudettes


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