SOS – Review

Posted: October 21, 2018 in Travel

Short sharp week that perfectly met our expectations


Decision to fly from Sunny Coast rather than Brisvegas worked very well. The QantasLink 717 is perfectly acceptable and when you can get two exit row seats for only $10 extra each it’s a very comfortable ride . I like the 2-3 seat arrangement rather than 3-3 etc. Secure undercover parking at SC airport is a bit of a furfy. Your car is under a sail only and susceptible to slanting rain/ hail etc. They really need a covered walkway from park to terminal as well. Qantas Club in Sydney is nothing special but was strangely quiet. Lunch time food uninspiring . The flight delay was annoying but these things happen. The short drive home from airport was much appreciated after long day

Public Transport

Excellent as in most cities. Opal card is same as all others . Airport Link is an excellent service. All buses, trains and ferries ran on time . There always seems to be a lot of roadwork in CBD but not an issue as such just a bit of pain walking around. Opal app has all info needed. Fairly easy wlaking city apart from crowds of course.


The Grace was a good choice and at around $300 pn for a premium king corner room in CBD pretty good value. The blurb online is a misleading as the premium rooms are not necessarily on high floors as their website suggests . We had to haggle for 8th floor. Early entry at 10 am for $45 was worth it but could easily rip people off at times. The room service was superb and all staff helpful and friendly. Good number of lifts, never had to wait long. Suitable eating options on ground floor. Gym and pool is weak for size of hotel. Windows are double glazed so noise level perfectly fine although could hear traffic at times. Never kept you awake


We mostly ate at the top end of the chain and it was rather good. Rockpool was a standout and when include Bar and Grill as well as Spice Temple we ate there 3 of 5 days 🙂 The service was simply faultless. Great atmosphere and delicious food . Not cheap of course but well in line with level of dining . Sometimes you need to see how other half lives. Cirrus was also very good but for $160 seafood platter you would expect a finger bowl or damp towel. Their desserts were delightful

The cafe culture seems alive and well. Except on weekends in CBD! They simply close. All coffee was excellent and of course the thing you notice is a smaller cup gives you better coffee. Down at Nambour this morning and back to average coffee as cups,not mugs, simply too big. Breakfasts were all great with Special mention for the porridge we had at Barista Sister. All serving sizes were generous. We didn’t really do anything between breakfast and lavish meals but the one pizza we had from Vapiano was fine.

The Nightime Noodle market was an excellent venue with wide range of delights on offer. It was a bit muddy for walking around but these things happen


The Harbour is a stunning backdrop simple as that . The performance at Opera House was very good of course but stage,sound,sets etc no better than Lyric Theatre in Brisvegas . It is the occasion I guess. Taronga Zoo was also good but nothing special as far as zoos go. Not bad value though. Always crowded with kids I imagine . Entry and Exit works very well. The Scupture by Sea exhibit was a work in progress still due to weather and thus a tad disappointing but in general would say the beaches are magnificent especially ones like Watsons Bay. Madame Tussauds was standard fare with good range of accurate dummies but a poor entry system for ticket holders . Good sets to access special functions.

In general we still prefer Melboring to Sydney as a city to spend time in although the gap is narrowing. Certainly the food and drink options are similar and of a high standard and good variety . Just something different about the CBD methinks and Sydney seems all business whereas Melboring CBD has a more welcoming feel. Always seems to be a lot of construction on in Sydney especially on the roads in CBD .

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