Ireland Fling Day 24 – Last Day in Paradise

Posted: March 11, 2018 in Travel

I think it was Feb 24th in Killarney. Since then one or both of us has been sick or the weather lousy . Or both . So on this final day would be nice to just get a cleaning lady to come in. Oops wrong clip . Ok just a touch….

There was fair wind blowing early at the pool which of course meant the sky was cloudy with dust and Paradise was looking a touch dodgy. Pleasant relaxing time though before we head out for some lunch and those pesky last souvenirs. Yep ok ya got us, we have some AED to offload. Mind you when we started am sure we were getting better than 2.8 AED for our dollar.

Nice Sushi for lunch had us back in our afternoon routine of nap, pool, read, drink and eat at said pool ,sleep. If I had a pool at home then really my routine wouldnt change next week! Of course as last day will have to fit in some packing before drinking . Relatively early start to flight tomorrow . On line check in with Qantas is friggin useless so when factor in it’s a fair distance to airport and all that will be on road around 6:30 am for our 9:30 flight home .

Paradise arrived at about 2:30 pm. The wind had stopped, the sun was out and musical chairs had opened up. It’s a crowded time and you need to ask Abdul for the “ next available two lounge chairs please” while you pretend you are going to buy something from the menu . No sooner had the bean bags been sorted then a spot opened up at the pool bar . Serendipity .

The next two hours passed easily before time to head back to room and pack for tomorrow . Then we will head down to pool for a last Shisha , beer and dinner . I wouldn’t bore you with more photos of those shenanigans surely so let’s sign off for day now and in fact pretty well for Ireland Fling 2018. The Flashies will follow in due course . I wouldn’t say it has been our most successful holiday venture but certainly still some great memories

Well, ok just a couple if u insist

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