Ireland Fling Day 23 – I say a little prayer ….

Posted: March 10, 2018 in Travel

The moment I wake up

The make up didn’t take – again – so thought time for some spiritual guidance and we headed off to the Jumeirah Mosque. Have been to Dubai a few times and have to say CLP has come up with two great new sights to see including the garden yesterday. Although both sick to varying degrees the couple of days in Dubai so far have been very pleasant and mostly because of the level of service and general welcoming nature of “ staff” . To be fair they do work for tips I guess 😉 We thought we could at least spare a couple of hours to learn a bit more about the Islam religion and the 5 pillars based on. Man, Will and Grace were way out ( yeah no specific you tube video so for full impact of this amusing seque …)

WILL: Look at that. I’m 5 for 5.

GRACE: What’s that?

WILL: It’s this test, the Five Pillars of Happiness. It’s supposed to determine the level of contentment in your life. And it comes with a lotion sample, so you know it’s scientific.

GRACE: I can’t believe you would evaluate your life based on something in the Lifestyle section. Ok, that was obligatory. Bring it on.

WILL: Ok, the first pillar is health. I gave myself a big yes, ’cause I just had my physical. Everything’s where it’s supposed to be. I’m running every day and, well…look at those calves. It’s like my knee swallowed a grapefruit. Your turn.

GRACE: I think I’m hypoglycemic. I’m always tired, and I can’t poop.

WILL: I would give that a No. Ok, pillar number 2 is family. That’s a big Yes. You?

GRACE: Well, let’s see. My mother’s idea of bonding is making me scratch her back. And for my last birthday, my father gave me gum.

WILL: That’s another No for Grace. Moving on. Love life. Another No for Grace.

GRACE: Excuse me! No. You can mark that Yes, thank you. Josh and I are doing great. I mean, it’s not perfect, but we care about each other very much.

JOSH: [OPENING THE DOOR] Grace? Hey, what are you doing? You left an hour ago to get bagels.

GRACE: Here. [GRACE THROWS A BAG TO JOSH] Toast ’em up. I’ll be back in 15.

JOSH: Ok, honey. Uh…your laundry’s almost done. [JOSH EXITS.]

GRACE: Well, you get a No on love life, too.

WILL: Actually, I haven’t told you this yet, but there’s this lawyer, Alex. We’ve only had one date, but I’m already seeing 2.5 jack russell terriers and his and his SUVs in my future.

GRACE: Yeah, yeah. Ok. Next.

WILL: Ok. Pillar number 4. Friendships.

GRACE: Ok! Now we’re talking!

WILL: No, no, no. Note the “S.” friendships. They’re talking more than just you and me.

GRACE: This test sucks.

WILL: And the final pillar is Work. I love my job.

GRACE: I work with a lush who insults me.

WILL: Ok. Final tally is… Will: [SING-SONG] Dee diddle-ee-dee-dee! Grace: [SING-SONG] Wah wah wahh.

The actual 5 Pillars of Islam cover a much wider range of course and the hour long presentation was very interesting. Had a few local treats first up before moving inside the impressive Mosque

Back home then for a quick bite of lunch and a rest before hitting the pool again. Our dance card is all marked so next 36 hrs will be just chillin and slowly improving hopefully before that last long haul flight home. Always interesting to walk the streets here and people watch

The pool was usual crowded place early afternoon but we grabbed a couple of Lazy Boys. And quickly put them to work finding us some lounge chairs . I’m here all week, try the veal bacon. But only if u must . Then it was time to try out the Sports Bar on site – The Amsterdam Hub. Serves beer and Irish food. Go figure . It was quiet and rather dull with soccer on all TVs

Which leaves us with the safe option of drinks by pool followed by dinner. Tonight was pizza which fitted in perfectly with the beers but then again what food doesn’t ? And it’s goodnight from him

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