Ireland Fling Day 19 – Hands off my Gherkin, I Shard ask you again

Posted: March 6, 2018 in Travel

Which oddly enough was the first thing Harry said to Meaghan.

Last full day in London so time for some architecture and culture . Throw in a garden and the trifecta of boredom is complete .We do have lunch booked at The Shard so timing revolves around being there at a certain time . Once I get into an Art Museum the time just flies by so have set some alarms. First up though is find a full service laundromat near by. Surprisingly we bailed at paying 3 pound to launder a pair of socks . I shit u not.

Laundry on the go so head off for some cheese and gherkin – as in how many cheesy shots can I take of it. Not many it turns out. Hard to get a shot of London skyline without a crane in it. Had a very nice coffee at Black Sheep and then was devo to find out Sky Garden was closed. Yay, more time at Tate Museum for Terminally Dull. Great little markets to walk through on way and even saw the Golden Hind for second time today. The first was in the mirror this morning to be fair. I also saw a Globe but that may have been the angle

The Tate is rather impressive if you like seeing pretentious twaddle mixed in with the odd interesting piece. My fave was the before and after shot after the cat jumped on the canvas

Some of the pop art stuff was good and it was free as were the toilets so all in all letting some art flow over me paid off in more ways than one and I like to think there will always be an exhibit of mine at the Tate now. Ya with me

Then it was onto lunch at Aqua at The Shard and let me assure you folks this was superb. The view, the service ,the food quality . Top stuff. Yes it is expensive but I’ve paid more for less trust me. The views from 32nd floor are brilliant even if London is basically a block of grey cement with some cracks in it for buses to go back and forth.

Then we still had some pesky pounds to get rid off (as opposed to alarming kilos ) so flew up to The Gong Bar on floor 52 for a cocktail as you do . Another brilliant location. I could go back just for the toilet !

So another memorable dining experience to add to list . Back for a few hours rest before catching up with the old Dazzler for dinner nearby . Derek used to work at Maryhole Pathology before it closed down . You could probably file that fact under “Rather Obvious Things I read Today” but I mean he actually left before the Day of Infamy 2012 for London. Ha, he thought he could get rid of me that easy

To be fair, pretty well over this holiday now. A few relaxing days in Dubai may spark one up but it’s been a long week trust me. Will be good to see the old red kangaroo tomorrow but will be a long day until we fly out at 8 pm

I imagine the two hours closest to that time could be spent in the Qantas Business Lounge at Heathrow. It’s the first 12 that are a bit dodgy .

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