Ireland Fling Day 18 – Accidental Tourist

Posted: March 5, 2018 in Travel

Good nights sleep in what is a quiet hotel but as time goes by you see where they have cut some corners and service is poor. Breakfast was ok but not organised at all and all self help including tea and coffee. The room is warm as simply not a strong enough AC to cool it down. The pool is closed “ Thanks for your Understanding” Oh, I didnt realise we had a choice in the matter ? The towels are thin and at 2 pm on second day room still not serviced . Doesn’t help have basically been sick now since I turned 60 last Saturday . Which leaves only one question really

This morning was fairly casual with plan to walk to Camden to look for some Winehouse stuff and then onto Churchill War Rooms. We have our dinner at Dans Le Noir tonight – the blind Restaurant ! The first walk was longer than expected and did go via Baker Street. Camden does look like an interesting place but had a very poor coffee there

By now it was time to test out using our iPhones to pay for Tube rides. Worked well in the end. Got off near the war rooms so had a look around Downing Street etc on way. The rooms were very impressive indeed and could spend hours in there. You know if you were a nerd with no life.

When we came out we found we were not far from Buckinghuge Palace so why not. Men in uniform and all that . Then onto Piccadilly before catching Tube back to Paddington for some lunch at Smiths Bar and Grill. I had the ribs, I may not recover

So we had actually played typical tourist without really trying. London is a very expensive place of course and it’s tres rude to charge to use public rest rooms. Very quiet afternoon now before our rather interesting dinner. Tomorrow we have lunch booked at The Shard but were also hoping to go to the Sky Garden but sadly it is like a School for Virgins. That is, no open slots all week. 🤓 Maybe everyone takes a long jimmy in the garden rather than pay for privilege?

Well Dans Le Noir was certainly an experience . Started off great, sat next to nice couple and first course and surprise cocktail were great . Then second course came quickly along with a nice wine and all going well. Then the raucous Sheilas arrived eh and could no longer hear yourself think let alone talk. Then there was about 30 mins between second and third courses . Still sick, trapped in dark with obnoxious women. Like my worst nightmare . Or Grade 12 Formal. We had gone with the White Degustation – shellfish and meat – and 3rd course was a lovely rich dessert but even Blind Freddy knew moscato in the dark! Yuk. So, it was a worthwhile if expensive night out but totally unique and memorable . In the end we had some crocodile and reindeer even

Next time would also ask for the deaf option

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