The Week That Was – 19.8.16

Posted: August 18, 2016 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

So, back in Maryhole for almost a week and not a lot has changed. Which is FAD

One aspect of spending most of the previous two weeks on a barstool – apart for a couple of extra kgs – is you miss your usual TV programmes , especially sport. It was therefore interesting to fire up the recorded Back Page episode just prior to start of Olympics. You remember, this was when there were bold predictions of 20 gold medals and a top 3-5 position finish. How do we fall for this everytime ? Now, winning isnt everything but there comes a time when you have to face facts and seriously how can anyone believe a world champion saying she couldnt handle the pressure? True champions like Phelps and Bolt thrive on that stuff . Of more concern though then the belly flop in the pool is the poor form of usual reliable teams like our hockey players. Of course what does our media do – lets all jump on board the Boomers as likely gold medalists! Unbelievable. If the Boomers win a Silver it will be a stunning achievement. Of course the one certainty with any Aussie sporting group on tour is that not only will they likely under perform on the field but someone will act the goose off it too . Channel 7s coverage is woeful, especially their app. Best way for Olympics is give it to Fox Sports and make those interested pay for special channels. To try and watch a news programme on any other channel and only be able to see “stills” rather than actual video is pathetic. Of course the one glaring thing it once again shows – like the Census debacle – is we dont have the infrastructure to suddenly become an “online” “streaming” society. Had a clown from Telstra on phone yesterday with their 3 monthly checkup on “what we can do for you”. Starts off friendly but always gets a bit stroppy when you wont change to their internet plan even though you are already paying over $100 a month. “But we will give you a 1000 gig a month download” What for ?Cant use the 400 gig already get when you struggle at times to stream an SD version of original Jazz Singer without sound! Or colour! With Torrent sites about as reliable as Aussie Olympians I am all for streaming and paying for it but lets be real here – not paying premium for a service that spits and stutters like a 90 yr old with prostate cancer.

Of course the one advantage of Olympics is the return of Roy and HG to the airwaves. After a great first week though have to say second week has been a bit like the Aussie tilt at gold – fading fast. Of course the boys are not immune to commercial reality so have released a best of This Sporting Life album which once again happy to pay for


In other sporting news the best 5 mins of NRL for Broncos was those after Parker was kicked in head last night. Great to see the boys line up for some whack. Could just be what is needed entering the finals. They wont win the big one of course. Think Canberra will stumble at end as well. My tip would be the Storm at this stage but part of me would like to see Cronulla do it – as long as Gallen doesnt play of course 🙂

In TV land caught a few of the Aussie series of late. Barracuda was scarily similar to what actually happened in Rio! Kettering is a bit sci fi for my liking while Cleverman is fresh and new. The best show currently returning though may well be Gruen. Like MAD AS HELL previously it is very clever and topical. The US ad for organ donors was brilliant

As a break from all the drama though have finally discovered Gilmore Girls on Netflix and it is an easy and enjoyable watch. Probably limit myself to 3 episodes max per day to avoid late onset Diabetes

Of course US politics has not changed in two weeks. Trump is still an asshat and Fox News and others still support him. I love travelling to USA as you know but really it is becoming a bit scary how thick a lot of them are. Just hope it is not contagious. Same for that hair


Great to see still have a few more cool nights to live with before the heat descends. And when it does the morons will rejoice as they always do

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