Is XXY real or simply a tasty Light Beer ? QUEENSLANDER!

Posted: July 6, 2016 in Travel

So, Old Whiskers really tacked on some extras when putting together this particular unit but feel he may have slipped in an extra X chromosome at some stage in the process if only to give the other suckers a chance. I say this because of certain characteristics I have noticed that if anything getting worse/better with advancing years. Does my ass look big in these jeans? …. oops sorry that just slipped out. No , I refer to a propensity to spend money while also maintaining the ability to change my mind regularly. If I could work out how to remove stains from laundary then I would indeed have cracked the Sheila trifecta

So despite earlier claims and false prophecy I will indeed to return to USA solo early next year. I would like to suggest this is due to the overwhelming protests of my devoted followers with the prospect of no US travel blogs for 24 months but given I get exactly zero feedback that one wont hold water. So lets be honest here. I do it because I love it and see travel as an enriching experience all round and an opportunity to share that experience with no one. Apparently. Having the personality that craves company and loves to hear the thoughts of others at every opportunity this occasionally can depress but I shall soldier on because that is the type of shemale I am. I could argue that living in an area that managed a 20% vote for Hanson recently would imply that indeed the end of world is nigh so why save for retirement (oops already there )but in reality that is a very minor point. After all it is going to be the brain eating garden variety alien that gets us in the end and they will hardly drop in here first up after that vote count hits the world wide webby thing.

I will be travelling to USA in 2018 with CLP for my 60th (birthday that is, not USA visit) and doing a California road trip in part and visit Las Vegas so what is left to see having flogged the East coast in recent times ? Seattle and Portland I hear you say. Well yes you would be right and maybe even dip a toe into Canada at Victoria. Gotta be some likable Victorians somewhere in the world right ?Now had been thinking about this on and off for a little while but in a minor sign of latent financial responsibility had determined could not go unless got good deal on airfares and what was the chance of that given my one caveat “Give me Premium Economy or give me Death”. I even mentioned it to our regular travel agent in passing just for a laugh and then went back to Game of Thrones repeats as you do. Well, lordy lordy an email popped up later that morning. “there is a great special on PE to LAX return but ends close of business today. Can you pay by then or at least agree to sell a kidney ?” In this cold weather I need both kidneys but was able to cobble together the money and before you could say “looming poverty” I was booked and then the planning began. The first question obviously was ” do I really want to go to Seattle and Portland” where upon the clear answer was “a bit late now ya clown” . I do enjoy the whole planning part of the holiday once the rough dates are outlined as determined by booked flights duh! The time of year – Feb/March – is not ideal for this area but then who can predict weather eh. Locals in Seattle and Portland apparently given some comments in forums! Anyhoo, last time I checked most pubs have roofs and a place to store umbrellas

So stay tuned devoted fan for updates. And for Gods sake find some mates and spread da word will ya


Unless I change my mind again of course……

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