The Week That Was – 30th June 2016

Posted: June 29, 2016 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Or maybe the year that was ? Is it just me or is the acronym EOFY everywhere this year? Sounds like a disease you get where an appendage falls off. And not the “hardly ever used” variety 😦

It could be the country that was coming to an end if u listen to ScoMo the Goose if Labor win on Saturday. Talk about politicising an overseas event. Your average Joe (or maybe Bruce?) has no chance of understanding the impact of Brexit given the differing views of many experts. What is clear, given the Google search rates for “What is the EU” AFTER THE VOTE WAS DECLARED , your average Pom was clueless as well and in the age of Trump appear to have been driven more by fear of immigration. Of course as it is politics the big central promise of spending the EU money on NHS if successful exit immediately fell by the wayside as if run over by a BUS! Trump’s initial tweet from Scotland tells all u need to know about his grasp of world politics. John Oliver, as is his way, of course had the best summary

Then Samantha Bee stepped it up with the best reading of the many twitter responses

Speaking of US Politics there could be a run on Blue Pant Suits if Elizabeth Warren gets nod for VP choice. Personally I think it unlikely as despite many male fantasies, two women at once could be a bit much. What if their cycles overlap?? Lordy Lordy, hide those nuclear codes 🙂

In a clear sign of the times, although I have no idea what it actually implies, the line ups for pre election polling are longer than on actual election day! I wash my hair on Saturday so naturally lined up at Boltons yesterday with many many others and it was a slow process. If the world doesnt end on Saturday then I still have to pay this years rego I assume. How did it suddenly get to $900? For that money it should come with a couple of 50% off vouchers for any speeding fines incurred at roadworks. Electricity charges continues to rise to. Anyone else think it may be due to all of these “Solidarity Light Up Your City Monuments” spectacles in recent times ?

GOT ends and Winter does arrive? It has been cool the last few mornings indeed and then followed by simply glorious days. So booteeful in fact you dont want to sit inside watching said GOT episodes but really the last two this season have been stunning in a visual and aural orgasmic way. Is it just me or has Cersie Lannister become Clare Underwood ? You can tell its school holidays though as the fan geeks go into meltdown at such minor things as time leaps and lapses. Not that any other reason was needed but it does make me glad I dont read the books and can just let the show flow over me like the warm breath of a dragon on a cool June morning. Speaking of cool and hot at the same time

In other TV news WIN is now Ten and Ten is now 9. I think. Tracy Grimshaw says “she cant wait to see us” so clearly does not understand the one way concept of how TV works. I do hope that Win’s version of Offspring next week is better than 10’s last night although they do seem to have the same cast? VEEP finished with a moderate episode after a superb season. Silicon Valley is still a bit hit and miss for me but better than 80% of other crap on of course. Aquarius is an interesting show about a fascinating time period in US history. DD still mostly plays Hank Moody with a buzz cut but the source material is what works here. Manson and OJ is one double date no girl should go on.

The sports world is entranced by the Semi Radradrararar saga – or at least copy editors think we are. As said in other media commitments if all of the articles written on this nonsense were printed out and laid end to end they would reach to Fiji! Maybe Kieran Foran can walk on them and get out of Australia. Look up “implode” in the dictionary and there is just a photo of the 2016 Eels. Broncos are struggling but really who cares at this stage of season. Wait until about September 10th before placing any bets this year. Can the RIO Olympics really go ahead? Athletes are dropping like flies, or maybe more appropriately mosquitoes, with that traditional symbol of all things Olympics – Golf – front and center in the who cares caper. Seriously at this stage it will be Jack Newton and Peter Thompson representing Australia. Speaking of snoozefests Wimbledon is here again and the big question on everyone’s lips is will Stosur fall to an unranked player before Tomic tanks again ? Kyrgios has already played his requisite “ball between legs” shot so he can go now. The Aussies won some game of cricket in the West Indies apparently. Wake me up when The Ashes start again please

July 1 tomorrow which means I have to set aside 30s to do my tax return online at some stage. Mind you there may be a couple of surprises this year so only time will tell. As long as I get it done before Saturday when life as we know it in Australia could end. If it does then of course only one course of action. Trumpy Von Trumpster would approve


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