Those Golden Globe Years

Posted: January 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

No worse sign of ageing then when your heroes start passing away. Childhood heroes may be expected but those that impacted in more formative years cast a greater shadow with their loss. Celebrity deaths are odd of course because they USUALLY generate way too much comment then is EVER NEEDED. When Fred Smith who was the key grip on My Fair Lady passes away at 103 this is not noteworthy folks. I imagine he was finally glad to get out of here. And of course every death is sad to those close such as with the recent family tragedies down south or the one punch fatality in Brisbane recently. Then there are those moments in time when the looming question is where were you when JFK was shot or Elvis died. The one for me was John Lennon. I was in an elevator in the State Health Building in George Street , Brisbane when got the news. Not a particularly memorable location but still beats what I was doing when I got the Bowie news. Watching the Golden Globes. To be precise watching Katy Perry’s golden globes in what was one of many ironic moments really. Todays version of a pop star presenting an award to one of the most overrated clowns doing the rounds these days for a truly abysmal song. On a night when the lights dazzled brightly on largely overpaid “stars” with mostly limited talent the world grew a little dimmer with the passing of a true icon. Since that time have struggled to understand fully why this particular death impacted so much. It was of course a total surprise but I think it has something to do with the fact that many males of my vintage would have gone through a period of wanting to be like Bowie because he was simply the coolest dude around. He was uber cool (is that even a phrase anymore or did I just order a taxi ?)Then you layer on top his extreme and multi dimensional talent and you get a sense of the loss. Its a different world now to when Lennon passed and of course we are saturated with social media banality and the curse of the twitter eulogy. There are some worthy ones out there from those you admire like Alice Cooper but it doesnt take long for humour to kick back in and this one bought a smile


But lets return to a very one dimensional talent, that being the host of GG 2016, one Gervais, R. Like many I imagine I fell under his spell when he first appeared on our screens, or actually a bit later than The Office to be fair. His stand up shows and Extras were the highlight for me but then he became a celebrity and you realised that his skill set was limited. Basically he became an insult comic. He was edgy and good for headlines but that act wears pretty thin pretty quick. That little laugh of his starts to grate. It is probably easier to list the highlights of the show – or at least what I watched of it – but really there was only one. A visual gag, plain and simple


Downlights abounded as they usually do but the couple that stand out were the hideous bear gag with Jonah Hill at the start and Amy S dropping the C bomb for no real reason given her natural talent. Maybe to take some glare away from her BFF JLaw? Yeah we get it, you are now besties. Crudity , while it has its place, is usually a sign of an empty mind to moi and we all know Amy is far from that. Some surprise winners as often the case with GGs and the Leo circus rolls on now. Award shows also occasionally expose some well known people as real dullards and todays winner was Ridley Scott. Award show season does release screeners to the world but one has to wonder these days if even that can justify their existence anymore ?

One mostly blows past most of the “posts” on social media at these times when everyone wants to be heard but am glad I read this one from a Facebook friend (you know who you are). It encapsulates very well my feelings at present

I think the sad realisation I’m coming to is that I am now the adult, and the adults I admired in my youth are ending their journey. I suppose the sad part is not some trite revelation about the unfaltering forward march of time and my own inevitable death, but the simple fact that, by the time I near my end, the world will seem dim and there will be no heroes left. I’m not sure I’m prepared for that.

Which only leaves me to say of Mr Bowie. “Thank you for these many Golden Years”

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