Game of Groans

Posted: June 17, 2015 in Sport

Two big events this week and as always the end product pleases and pisses off in equal measure usually

First up was the Season 5 finale of Games of Thrones. Spoilers naturally. The recent trend of the best episodes of a season being the couple just before the finale continued and most of the finale was one big tease – and a sleepy dragon. Someone said Jon Snow died at the end but the way Harrington acts I thought he died in Season 3? I dont read the books but understand GRR has not written the next book (?) which is becoming less of an issue with the apparent deviations anyway. There were certainly some odd things though

1. Sansa and friend jump from an uncertain height to an uncertain conclusion
2. Did Blondie kill Stannis and if so why not show it – usually do
3. Apparently the best way to tell when the body double was in shot on walk of shame was because she has bigger boobs than Lena?
4. Drogon needed a kip after a long flight ?
5. Did Jon Snow die? Didnt the interwebby explode after that one.

So all in all it was an average finale to a pretty good, but not great, season. There were some memorable scenes in Episodes 8 and 9 and these are what bring the fans back. The story continues to progress but at a somewhat glacial speed.

Next up was SOO 2 at the MCG. For once , NSW got the rub of the green and it is all yesterday’s fish and chip wrapping now. But some things require discussion and the main issue , as highlighted previously by Kenty et al, is the on field decision by the ref before sending it up. (On a side note there was talk this week that KFC require a certain number of video referrals as part of their sponsorship. Likely untrue, but not incomprehensible is this day and age). So rather than whining about the Morris try awarded or the Inglis one not, the pertinent fact to remember is that the ref awarded both ergo there needs to be conclusive evidence to overturn. There wasnt on the first one, fair enough. Hardly on the second either ? Of course the bluebags say that the “forward” pass was not forward minutes before but most, including Channel 9, focus on the wrong pass in question – it was the one prior to the last! At the end of the day the better team won so move on but one thing is clear – DCE is an overpaid dud. Had to tackle too much Mal? Didn’t seem to affect JT’s input. JT was the standout for moi with Inglis a close second and finally getting involved. Smith and Slater had quieter games. Hodges couldnt handle Jennings and Chambers was tres ordinary. And can someone please get Cam the Eyelash Boy a tissue so he stops picking his nose at the press conference! NSW looked more dangerous with the ball as they invariably do year after year. While an avid Qld supporter one quickly moves on – after all who can hate Loz? However, the very biased media will be a pain now for a few weeks. NSW were very good losers – after all the practice – but not such good winners, especially their supporters.

Still, much like taking the game to Victoria so they could boo during a minutes silence for a true legend the clowns that run the game have what they always wanted. A guaranteed sell out for Game 3 and 3 more weeks of media hype while the actual NRL competition and associated fans suffer

But the money rolls in

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