If its February this must be USA

Posted: June 12, 2015 in Travel

Well the flights are booked and paid for so guess I must be going back. A three city swing this time with a couple of old faves but one advantage of getting old is you forget where you have been anyway. Given that we have already had our 3 days of winter this year will be good to return to some actual cold weather. First Uber of the rank

Dallas To coincide with the cheerleader tryouts of course. First trick is to catch an A380 from Sydney and one, though long, flight straight to destination. No more hassle of getting through LAX and then finding next connection in 2 hrs. Maybe not the best example of Texas life but at least a start and may even throw in a day trip to Fort Worth. Of course keen to check out that famous floor museum. Yes, the lesser known 5th Floor Museum in the Blocked Suppository building where Ellie May shot JR. A cut lunch on the grassy knoll and join the cattle ride through downtown should round out the visit. And maybe a beer .

Washington Yes have been there before and in a rare moment of sheer seat of your pants devilment am even staying in the same rental! Hey when you find something you like stick with it. Great area up around The Capitol. Have already seen the major attractions but this time plan to include an actual visit to The White House if possible. Last visit the Reflecting Pool was under construction, this time just emptied for winter. Oh well. Will try to include a day trip to Baltimore for some Babe Ruth memorabilia and John Waters nostalgia

Bawston Another revisit although first one was only a 3 dayer. Once again the time of year will impart a different feel to this visit. Still looking for day trip options although Salem is tempting if only to see the birthplace of a former boss – a clever vague comment which could relate to several people 🙂 Or maybe just get my rocks off at Plymouth. This will likely be the coldest city of the visit given its geographical location but an old seasoned campaigner like moi can cope. If I have anywhere near the glorious weather of last visit then it will definitely be a knob kiss.

The way the stock market is going along with the Aussie $ may not get back for a while – at least a year- so better enjoy this one. Now there is only one thing left to organise – a catchy title . “Nanook Returns” has no panache. My fans expect more.

Maybe “My Willie is Chilly”?

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