Day 37 – The Carnival is Over

Posted: October 26, 2014 in Travel

And so it all ends. Check out at Hyatt was smooth as expected although despite being asked twice if we had used mini-bar and confirming twice NO we still had to wait for an in room confirmation it appears. Never happened before . Poor form. I do love Emirates but a bit tired of Dubai . The chauffeur was monosyllabic at best but got us there in good time. The BC check in was busy and mainly serviced by unhappy ladies it appears. Still it is a massive terminal now and we then took a train to our gates which is the A380 hub I assume. Nice lounge of course and better still dedicated entry via skylane to upper deck of plane – no more buses! Boarded in plenty of time and things looking good allowing for some delay as very busy airport. But no apparently we had to wait for some late passengers, missed ” our window” and didn’t leave until an hour later. Yes sitting in BC lie flat beds waiting is not akin to getting teeth pulled agreed but still if you have rules bloody stick to them! What is the point of sticking up signs everywhere that “boarding closes 20 mins before departure. If not on you will not be allowed on ” . Bullshit as usual. Like every organised tour you go on there is always some asshole who holds everyone else up and they are allowed to live yet alone keep doing it. Let them board the plane and get to start of runway. Then stop , announce their names loudly as in”…. will now be leaving us ” and send them down the emergency Shute and let them walk back to terminal in 36 degrees heat. They won’t do it again.

Food and drink is excellent and plentiful of course. Even in relative comfort I won’t sleep during the 14 hrs. I will wake CLP up in 5 hrs and see if she did ! Sign off now from A Second Crack and when life returns to almost normal in a couple of days hand out some ” Flashies” awards in various categories

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