Day 36 – Dry Town Hits

Posted: October 25, 2014 in Travel

And about time. I was searching for some Ebola to offload some fluids quickly . Too soon? Well there has been some hysteria to be fair but if ya follow da Flashman ya know what to expect

Dubai has not really worked out this time although still relaxing and a fantastic lunch yesterday. Entering the testosterone laden world of Dubai is not intimidating per se but not exactly welcoming either although the service level is extreme. Almost to the point you want to buck in and help too just to break the master slave routine. This will sound odd, if not a tad racist, but really just tired of foreigners everywhere. They all talk incessantly and loudly. And the tourists are the worst , especially this place swarming with elderly Japanese. Some of those ladies can pack it away at the breakfast buffet let me tell you. The hotel is in an isolated ,and somewhat run down, part of the city. The pool and surrounds is in the shade all afternoon and no Hubbly Bubbly available at all. Fond memories of watching the sun go down through a smoke filled haze while sipping a beer are but a distant memory . The pool is invariably full of young kids getting swimming lessons from one very busy guy. Luckily he was born with a suntan. At least I look good around the pool with the number of hirsuite overweight local men lounging around . The fit ones are out playing cricket in the car park. For men that don’t shave they sure use a lot of aftershave- and the cheap kind judging by the lifts ! They congregate in packs and think they enjoy the intimidating facade really.

So we will shall sit by the pool this morning and then head into Dubai mall after to check it out. The tall thingy is all booked out – yes surprisingly poor planning by experienced travellers like us – unless you want to spend $130 AU each to skip the line. We skipped it alright. Then back to the pool for the afternoon and catch some , well, shade I guess. We may sneak in one last beer after ban lifted at 7 pm. Or not. Books are open, place your bets….

As said before it has been a wonderful holiday full of new experiences but am ready to get home. BC on the way home should ease some of the stress . After all have to start planning next one.

Oh that’s right it’s a solo trip to NYC next February 😎


Long Day


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