Day 24 – Planes, Train, Automobile and Bus!

Posted: October 13, 2014 in Travel

After another lovely meal last night at Da Gustino it was time to leave our Italian paradise and place our lives in the hands of trains and planes again. But first the drive to Pesaro station where our train left right on time for the 3.5 hr trip to Milan. We bid farewell to our wonderful hosts vowing to return again. For some reason Suzanne immediately ran out into the traffic screaming. By arrival in Milan it was piddling down and considered a taxi to Linate Airport but when told quote of 60 Euro ventured out into the rain bumping a few umbrella selling Indians out of the way in search of the shuttle bus – for 5 Euro each! Once safely on board it was a relatively short trip to airport and then the check in process started. We were flying to Berlin on two legs sadly and first had to get to Frankfurt on German Wings – the Lufthansa version of Jetstar I guess only smaller. We were early yes but the one girl at the counter was a little on the slow side and then informed us to come back later – with big bags in tow – as she could not check us through to Berlin yet. So a quick bite to eat at a rather inefficient ” My Chef” which seems to set the standard for this airport. There appears to be a massive number of high end stores in the airport but the actual flying caper seems very low key and minimal. We got our bags checked in finally then had to work out how to get to the gates! Once worked out the system in place – a very loose term in Italy – it was easy enough . Then came the 90 minute wait to board. There was also a layover in Frankfurt so not hitting Tegel Airport until 7 pm – if all went to plan!

The first leg was fine and maybe we were seeing the first signs of German efficiency kicking in. Although there were buses out to our plane and again on arrival it all went well. The plane was small, as in narrow, but comfortable and we even got a cuppa and cake in our 55 minute flight. Frankfurt is of course a very large airport but as we were on a connecting flight no need to go through security again so arrived in plenty of time for next flight. Then the next pleasant suprise of the day – free fast wifi!

Our flight to Berlin left about 20 minutes late . Weather looks a bit dodgy next few days , hope ok tomorrow for our Segway !

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