Day 23 – Sniffing out a Good Time

Posted: October 12, 2014 in Travel

The Autumn from hell continued unabated with clear skies and warm days. October in Europe? Bring your warm gear! My one pair of shorts were looking a bit threadbare. And obviously shrinking as they were getting tighter each week.

GHs x 2 were always interested in new adventures to suggest to guests – you know, the paying kind. As such we were invited along on a truffle hunt today in the nearby village of Fratte Rosa. I was a bit concerned I was expected to dress up as the dog which would have been difficult in this weather although at least had been neutered many years ago. Luckily though dog and English speaking guide were included in the price. We met our very pleasant guides – Luigi and his son Michele – and set off for the nearby forest with one dog champing at the bit. Now the two men were dressed in camouflage fatigues and Luigi had a rather nasty looking digging/slashing device. As he was the non English speaking guide there was a concern that Wolf Creek 3 may unfold here.

Once in the forest though their attire became understandable and wish I had not gone for the fishnet stocking look. Rover scampered off as dogs do and was sniffing with gay abandon. No , not other dogs’ backsides but rather the ground everywhere. Pretty soon he had found something and then Luigi pounced as can’t let the dogs actually get the truffles. He was suitably rewarded for having found his first one of the day – a small white truffle. For the next hour or so we trekked through the forest as Rover uncovered at least another dozen including some rather large black ones. All the time Michele was filling us in on the methods used and history – all interesting stuff. At the end of our short hunt apparently we had 72 grams worth and they sell for about 700 Euro per kg. (I rinsed my socks when we got home and made $12.50).Then it was back to their house for a sampling of a variety of local traditions , some using truffles obviously. And a couple of bottles of wine….

This was the highlight for me as we were warmly welcomed into their family home and sat at the kitchen table eating and drinking and nodding a lot at the Italian being spoken. Luigi was just one of those likeable easy going bear type of a man with a warm smile. The sons , just past teenage years, were obviously respectful of adults and it gave us an insight into the strong family structure in Italy. Michele had a pierced eyebrow – that his mother had done. He had also been out to the disco the night before until 3 am but still did his job perfectly well. We purchased some rather delicious tapenade for later consumption and then back to our home on the hill for some R&R and some light eats before dinner tonight at a nearby restaurant . Check out the website
for Luigi and his crew


Like our stay in Spain with friends it had been a simply wonderful experience to live like a local for a couple of days and experience traditional food and life rather than more tourist haunts. Then come home to luxurious and peaceful surroundings. A man could get used to this. My waistline on the other hand….

Tomorrow it is a car trip, a train trip and two flights over 12 hrs which will hopefully see us in Berlin around 8pm

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