Europe 2014 – Day 1

Posted: September 20, 2014 in Travel

They say the older you get the wiser you get. I am going to file that furfy away with ” all women are the same” . So even though I knew there was several hours of snouts in the trough awaiting from about 11pm on, numbnuts here still thought it was a good idea to have a few beers and half a bottle of wine over a big dinner with CLP Snr a few hours before hand! I blame the festive spirit oozing from all CLP crevices for this misjudgement. I forgot what ” starting holidays ” means now for the workers. So we rock out to the airport in plenty of time, smooth check in and make our way to Emirates lounge. All a bit old hat now I guess but it helps pass the time. Going to sound crass I know but I am often surprised at some of the people that fly business class or better. They look like they just walked off the set of Duck Dynasty! And they yap across rooms with inane stories. One good thing about the Brisvegas lounge is if has a dedicated bridge to board from, an opportunity to avoid mingling with the great unwashed for a bit longer. Plane left on time and all was as expected food and service wise. There are lie flat beds but I can’t sleep anyway . Of course CLP does, but then she falls asleep at security screening if if takes longer than 30 seconds!

On time for Singapore where you get off,turn around 3 times and get back on the same plane. Enough time for another ” keeper ” experience though! The Singapore Squat AKA – loo! It hard enough for guys to hit a large bowl from a short distance ( ya with me ??) while facing – how the hell do you expect us to crap into a bowl half the size while hunched over and one hand on the door. I took some photos but keeping them safe in iCloud. We were late leaving Singapore but it was ok – “We can make it up in the air”! A superb lunch I must say topped off by a rather large cheese board – yeah I know what cheese does to the nether regions! By now I had the hosties eating out of my hand( could have been some Gorgonzola left over to be fair) so got a mattress and a fluffy pillow and extended both stomach and body for an hour or two before reaching Dubai. I wouldn’t call it sleeping but it did involve some shut eye and no eating so all round quite helpful in the scheme of things.

After the SS experience there was going to be no DD (Dubai Dump) happening although it was tempting with some Caged Heat approaching. Yes after the leisure of BC , if was time for some cattle class for last leg to Paris. When you think about it , actually good experience for spending a few days with the cheese eating surrender monkies aka The French. Had deliberately saved any movie watching for this last leg and dutifully did so. Into Gay Paree by 830 pm meant we were entering our apartment around 1030 m so in total had been ” awake” for roughly last 48 hrs. For comparative purposes that feels about as long as watching 3 episodes of the Walking Dead back to back. The pre paid shuttle was rather useless with a typical non communicative frog at the wheel.

Time for some sleep as tomorrow have first booked tour- The Catacombes of Paris. I know cats are sacred over here but not sure how they can sell tickets for people sitting around watching them get their fur brushed? Time will tell.






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