Monday Moan – The Half Hearted Edition

Posted: July 14, 2014 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Its hard to moan really when you have just spent time with a fifth booteeful and healthy Grandchild but I do have certain obligations to the hordes of fan. Can hordes be singular? And then there was wonderful 10 course degustation at Restaurant 2 on Friday followed by (a bad nights sleep!) the very entertaining and rather talented Wayne Brady at Lyric theatre on Saturday with the CLP. Then Sunday morning dawned and despite wonderful advancements in digital magazines the CLP still enjoys the feel of a long cylindrical object in her hand – so has to buy the Sunday Mail paper version – and then roll it up tightly! Eventually when she had finished…………….. unwrapping it (dirty minds!) there in all its glory was the front page with the the big headline “I AM GAY” and a picture of Bigfoot. I said to her ” Hey blossom where did you get this 10 yr old paper from” ? I was somewhat stunned when she informed me that it was actually Sunday July 13th 2014 edition! So no one knew? Of course they did but I do agree it is no one’s business . We all have that one question we hate being asked all the time. Mine is “Arent you George Clooney” ? Am sure Thorpedo was sick and tired of being asked all the time. After all his biography quite clearly stated that he screwed several sheilas, both in sluggos and full body suit, in his day and as it is in print it must be true. So why does it suddenly become front page “news”. Yes I almost vomited typing “news” too. Then the penny dropped – but I wasnt bending over to pick it up in these uncertain times. Parky was talking to Thorpy on Sundy. Yes Y indeed. Well he got paid 400 k of course. Now once again no problem with that and good luck to him if New Idea would only go to $390 k because they shelled out big on the Princess Kate triplets yarn. But I did spew in my weetbix when all the comments were how “brave” he was. No folks, if he was truly brave he would have announced it years ago but of course in a sad reflection of some world wide cultures that could have killed off some sponsorship deals in the lucrative Asian market. Once again no problem with him earning a crust but lets see this for what it really is – a cynical publicity stunt which of course has worked. How many gay athletes may he have helped if he been “honest” all those years ago. Ian Roberts came out 20 yrs ago and yet there is still a stigma attached to an athletes sexuality – in some circles. Of course no one was game to say that to Roberts. This little black duck did not watch it of course – too pumped for the Kylie Bonking Hutcho segment later – but from the snippet I saw he didnt say he was gay, more a case of ” I am not Straight”. Maybe we need another term for that gray area between being gay and being straight ? Graight? Maybe just Confused ?

So QLD won the dead rubber of SOO 3 and yawns escaped across the land followed by all the “what ifs” like if Cronk had played the first two games would Qld be looking at nine series wins? Probably but the only certain thing is if we had scored more points than NSW in GAME 1 OR 2 we would have won. I think – its another of those gray areas. Parker was superb of course and the rest is in the who cares bin. Speaking of money grabbers was decidedly surprised and disappointed to see Bennett leave the Knights especially when he trotted out the old “it isnt You, its Me” Seinfeld line. Had not been that disappointed with Bennett news since he turned down the offer to coach the Newcastle Jets soccer team as well because you know then it would have been………… wait for it…………….. Benny and the Jets! Then to top of a bad media day we had the ridiculous scene of some floozy trying to interview the quiet man of NRL about the Bennett news – one Darius Boyd ,who must rank as one of the dullest people around. Great winger , personality of a block of cement. Floozy 1 would have known all this of course but still makes for that sound bite for the media to play on loop for 48 hrs.

You only need news to last 48 hrs because you know in every 48 hr cycle PUP Palmer will make a goose of himself and grab a headline or three.

And a Kardashian will either fall pregnant, marry a celebrity, divorce a celebrity or become a celebrity. Apparently

  1. ponderosa58 says:

    Think the term that was used to describe Thorpey years ago, is still perfect as it maintains that air of sexual ambiguity – metrosexual.

  2. flashman181 says:

    Doesnt that just mean they like to have sex on Public Transport ?

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