Thanksgiving 2013 – Pass the Peanuts

Posted: November 28, 2013 in Events

My American friends – Barack and Hilary – are celebrating the tradition of Thanksgiving. One of the traditions – because I watch Brooklyn Nine Nine I know these things – is to tell the assembled masses what you are grateful for. So lets kick off my Thanky list because next week have to start on my Santy list

1. I dont live in America. But I can visit and do love it over there

2. Our turkeys that run the country and state – into the ground some may say – can only serve 3 year terms

3. I have 3 great kids and 4 healthy grandchildren. And no pets.

4. I have a loving and thoughtful partner although she gets a bit cocky if I refer to her as anything other than CLP:)

5. We are finally starting to win some sporting events again!

6. Anthony Mundine is one fight closer to never fighting again and hopefully never appearing on TV again

7. You can watch Breaking Bad again and again on Blu Ray

8. I dont have to work. But kinda wish I was at times. 35 degrees in Maryhole at 10 am is one of those times I miss the AC and the forty five minute tea breaks.

9. It should rain before the end of the year.

10. I can eat whatever I want and not put on weight

Oops, think I crossed over my lists with that last one……

  1. I like it Flashman, a nice gesture indeed. We do have plenty to be thankful for.

    Stay sane my friend 🙂

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