Monday Morning Coming Down

Posted: April 9, 2013 in TV

No not the well known song Sunday Morning Coming Down as grumbled by KK but rather a catch cry of the wonderful world wide web that envelopes us

When I was a youngun in Brisvegas , as in school age young, Sunday night was the big TV night for the week because it was movie night on FTA TV. Of course in those days you also only had roast chicken once a month – spookily also on a Sunday. Sundays were something to look forward to for a number of reasons then. And lets not forget the great Sunday afternoon matinees. Good times.

These days we have to put up with reality nonsense like The Block or The Voice or The Vomit…….

But in the good old USA Sunday nights still rule. Now we have Game of Thrones, Vikings and Mad Men to savour. Next Sunday night they are even going to squeeze in a Good Wife episode, return of Nurse Jacki and Veep and even a Mentalist episode +/- a Red John appearance. But we live in Australia so Sunday nights equate to late Monday mornings when the goodies start to roll in

MM is simply a great show that needs your full attention for full reward. As my old mate Viggo said it is a show you need to deconstruct. The double episode worked a treat and was needed to complete this little intro to what promises to be an even better and even darker season

Vikings has been a revelation. It is what Spartacus should have and could have been. No needless blood splatter and front bums – just engaging story with realistic fights. And of course it is a fascinating mythology and period of history. Once I stop seeing Jax Teller as Ragnor I just sit back and let it flow over me.

Game of Thrones is an enigma to me. Recently rewatched last 4 episodes of Season 2 as Season 3 lead in and they were superb, better than I remembered. Ep 1 of Season 3 was good if not great but episode 2 was a tad dull – not enough Dinklage and no dragons. Now I seem to be in the minority here but I like me some dragons – the ultimate killing machines. I have not read the books but do struggle at times to follow the various characters and hence may enjoy more on a rewatch.

So with the big 3 ably supported by a stellar supporting list Mondays have got very busy. There is not much room left for anything else folks.

But this Monday is different, all other events pale into insignificance to the one must watch TV event of the year. And its live

Its the last 9 holes of The Masters folks. Best sporting event eva. Doesnt matter if Fred Funk is holding off Neville Nobody by 6 shots – you cant look away.

Do yourself a favour.

  1. In a way I do wish that we got the shows live but even when I was in the states I still had to watch at least one of the big shows the next morning and often it was Mad Men that I missed because if you’ve seen the ‘Next Week on..’ atrocities they stick after the credits you know that AMC are as dreadful at their craft as Weiner an co are talented; the act breaks they choose are just as random (Leading many to miss seven minutes of the episode last night an all the sex and skiing containe within) and the ads in them atrocious compare to those being rejected in the SCDP pitch room.

    There is something to be said for sitting down when you want and watching an episode straight through without interruption (and in the case of Mad Men, with Whiskey) and I can see why many in the states still do as we do and watch on Monday morning. That said we could certainly do with something a bit better Sunay nights to distract us from the wait.

    • flashman181 says:

      I don’t watch any shows live, hell I record the news and watch t later without the ads:)

      After Shadow Line have now started on Line of Duty. Couple of great UK cop shows

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