The First Trimester

Posted: April 5, 2013 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Only seemed appropriate to compare reduntiring to pregnancy as in both diseases your stomach expands and your number of comfortable sexual positions decrease. So it has been three months since R day, do we have a report card if not a scan ?

The Good. Being old enough to access your Super but young enough to remember you had it enables one to clear debts which is a nice feeling. Debt free and income free dont quite match but its a start and allows one to sleep a solid 3 hours a night. After the debauchery that was the last few weeks of work leading into Xmas its good to report have actually lost some weight. This has not been due to nervous fretting but rather a concerted effort to reduce intake. It all comes down to portion size folks and if the CLP can put up with smaller meat portions these last 10 years then so can I for 3 months. Its not all that hard really although Easter loomed as a problem time. 6 weeks with no chocolate and then that bloody bunny rocks up with that smart ass grin on his face because he knows no one can resist chocolate when it comes in such small brightly wrapped innocent looking bundles. Plenty more time to spend with the grandkids too but that has had its “limitations”. Plenty of time to play golf but that has not been all smooth sailing either

The Bad. Budgets. When I want to go to Toowoomba to see Grandkids I have to factor in the cost of petrol. When I want to play golf more than once a week then that costs money too. You have to consider these things when there is no little rainbow pot of gold every 2 weeks. The day can be easily broken into two parts now – before 3pm and after 3pm. Somewhat frustratingly I still get up early and usually at gym by 0600 – for no reason whatsoever except my coffee place opens at 0630 and is few doors down from gym. I am a creature of habit and so still get up early go to gym most days, grab coffee on way home and then have leisurely breakfast whilst on computer. Then a few jobs around house etc while it is cool, some more puter time, a few shows, a cuppa and some lunch yada yada yada and before you know it is 3pm. Then you hit the wall. Too early for drinkies (apparently!) and most of the jobs are done. Maybe a bit of reading but that usually leads to headaches. Anyway eventually it gets to 430 pm and its time for some wine and crackers and a wind down on puter listening to some podcasts etc. You get through to 6 pm and then it is quite acceptable to have dinner given my advanced age. Then into the evening viewing and before you know it bedtime has rolled around. You probably know it better as 830 pm. Then it all starts again after a somewhat restless night

So, is it what was expected? No, not really. Golf has simply been disappointing for a number of reasons, not least being a body full of aches and pains. In a strange way though almost too relaxed at golf now to really try that hard anymore. A scoot around in a cart on a leisurely Wednesday afternoon is not quite the regimen I had envisaged and the handicap is heading in wrong direction. There are certainly times when it is hard to fill in the day. Most weekends are joyfully spent at The Ponderosa (Flashman Inc Sunshine Coast HQ) but the weekdays drag. Of late there has been a very strong wanderlust which is frustrating when coupled with a reduced income to enjoy such pleasures. So many shows I watch remind me of places I have been and want to return to – again and again. Maybe I should watch more reality TV! Nah, if it comes to that just shoot me.

At least Winter approaches (along with Game of Thrones, MM,BB….) and with it that long afternoon shortens a little. Of course it also dark now early in the morning. This eliminates that first look in the mirror which may be a blessing in disguise. There is a trip to Melboring in May to look forward too and even going to throw in a couple of days in Adelaide so that Maryhole seems exciting when we return. In the meantime , time rolls on.

Oh no. Its 3 pm


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