Octoberfestivus Day 1

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Travel

Brisvegas to Dubai

After a rather filling Degustation with matching wines at Restaurant 2 the night before we were slow to move on Day One. The plan had been to spend the night before in Brisbane to both relax and to avoid any possible traffic problems on day of trip. This solid plan fell away a little between course 4 and 5. It was in tatters by the time we realised there was still dessert to come. Ah well, the folly of youth. Not helped at all by a complete incompatibility with hotel pillows this little black duck was running on empty. A walk around the Gardens followed by a late breakfast and a few coffees righted the ship momentarily and before we knew it it was only 4 hrs to flight time and we were alone at Row 10 to open to check in for Emirates EK 435 departing at 2045 hrs. 10 minutes later they descended – the blind who do not read. There are about 747 (spookily) screens around saying that check in opens at ……. But still they line up at the red belt without a staff member in sight. Now this is 2012 right and we are in a technological revolution, I have my iPhone, iPad and iPod in carry on just in case I need an I infusion. Naturally we checked in online 24 hrs ago. I have 3 apps alone that reminded me! So the red tape is ceremoniously removed and the 40 people who have lined up for 30 minutes all move to the one lane for economy while we simply get up for our seats and move to the one lane for economy – on line check in and we are the only ones there! So a very smooth check in even if the staff member seemed rather grumpy so early in her shift. Now we only have 3 hrs to wait to watch humanity once again line up early to get their seat worried the plane may leave without them. Now, we know the food is excellent on Emirates both in quality and quantity but my body clock says at 6 pm I eat so time to track down some fast food to sate the beast and then back to waiting……..


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