Octoberfestivus Day 2

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Travel

Dubai to Prague

One of those long nights as we cross time zones. Left Brisvegas on time at 2045 and arrived a little early in Dubai at 0415 in the morning after a touch under 14 hrs in the air. It’s 30 degrees at 4 in the morning!! Food and service were excellent as always on Emirates but 14 hrs is hard on this bag of bones. Caught The Hunger Games and Brave. Now we sit for another 5 hrs until connecting flight to Prague. At least there is free wifi! Phone is also sending and receiving messages so all good. We know it is the International Terminal because just got served an “Italian” coffee by a Chinese woman! Also nice to go to ATM and see you have a balance of $27000. Ok that is AED but still nice to see big numbers for once in a bank account. The coffee for 16 AED would indicate that we are bother being ripped off and that an AED is worth about 35c. Dubai is a busy airport – our flight leaves at 1010 and doesn’t even appear on Flight Board yet because there are about 50 flights leaving before that. One thing you can guarantee though of course is that our boarding gate will be at the furthest end of Terminal 3 to where we are now! There are of course Prayer rooms and Smoking rooms at Dubai International which are kinda unique but the best find was an Irish Pub serving Kilkenny at 0800 in the morning. My prayers had been answered. Dubai still seems a mess at times and we hopped on a bus from our gate lounge to go find our plane. 15 minutes later we were successful. I think we ended up leaving from Kuwait! Had a knob kiss on the plane with as only half full and we could really stretch out.

Landing in Prague and getting through customs very easy and all baggage was found. We had a car transfer organised and Boris ( ok he wasn’t Russian but he was east European and 5foot 6 square!) picked us up in a Mercedes – sweet! Now Boris is not adverse to long conversations with mobile attached to his ear and considers the indicator an optional accessory. We drove through poorer part of town to the more classic city centre with its stunning old architecture. We are staying at Hotel Elite. Ok two words must have different meaning in Czech – elite and high as in “high” speed Internet! We checked into our quaint room and then hit the cobbled streets as the light rain started. Looks like a lovely town to walk around and hopefully the weather will be brighter tomorrow when we have our Segway Tour organised. We only had time for 2 highlights before the heavens opened – the Astronomical clock and the Sex Machine Museum – or Astronomical cock if you like ! We dropped into Cafe Louvre on walk back for an excellent meal of Pork Medallions and Beef Goulash washed down with a couple of pints of local beer – all for under $25. Great value. Now lets see if we can sleep – have pretty well been up for 48 hours

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