Grind n Bind – Shenanigans Sendoff

Posted: July 29, 2022 in Uncategorized

Another glorious day dawned so was put to work as Pool Boy extraordinare. You don’t need two legs when you have a cunning plan . He scoops , he scores .

Friday rolled around and time to head to Brisvegas for Day 1 of the SS – Turkey Flat long lunch at Port Office Hotel with AD. Not being able to find the lift to get to the “balcony room “ made access a tad difficult but where there is wine there is a way. Two long tables for about 50 thirsty folks or as we call it in the trade – Super Spreader event ! There was a 3 course meal hidden in there somewhere as well, you just had to find it in between the glasses.

3 different reds were served with each course and we did our best to empty all glasses before the next course arrived. It was a friendly group in close proximity but not sure emptying their unfinished Mataro into my now empty glass was my finest moment 🤦🏻‍♂️

Then they just seemed to fill up again 👀

The food was excellent as was the company. Not sure the service was all that well planned and was difficult for waiters to get in between the chairs and tables . And crutches. They managed

As we were on Plan H by now we wanted to be on the road by about 230 pm to head to Yabba Dabba Do and try to avoid the notorious M1 afternoon traffic. We did get to try the last dessert wine but sadly missed the cheese platters. We shall survive . It was a great way to spend a few hours and lube up the tonsils .

I may have nightmares tonight about all the lovely wine left behind. Either way suggest it could be a rough nights sleep 😏

Now it was time to get on the road and head to Yabba Dabba Do and sober up in the 90 mins it would take for designated driver to travel there . Some congestion at times but still a good run had us ready to hop into our next drinks package. Here is one I prepared earlier

A couple of rumbos by the fire finished off day one perfectly as we retired to our separate lodgings for the night . Not a great night’s sleep but that was self induced of course. We have a small gathering today by Della standards so one of the easier table configurations to configurate.

My main job for the morning was to prepare the Antipasto plate. With the smaller gathering it was easier than expected.

The gang dribbled in as midday approached and as we were about to tuck in to the reserve antipasto plate we looked around for someone to say Grace and realised we were struggling. And then on the stroke of midday in drove AD and saved the day

As always plenty to eat and maybe the hosts didn’t get the tick tock update about reduced numbers but as had the two night package deal any leftovers would not go to waste. Special mention must be made of the cake made by Mike and Jodie. It was diabetic heaven . I got 3 Kit Kats just in my one slice !

As always the hours passed quickly in good company

I did notice CLP doing the rounds with a huge smile on her face. It seems she was telling everyone that “ yes he finally goes home on Wednesday 💃🏻

Bruce teased since last night that he had a new Scotch to try with a unique “flavour”. His exact description was “ tastes like the sticky part of a Band-Aid” Yeah right . With the family all on the road we settled in for our leftovers dinner and finally ok bring out the scotch.

Fuck me. He nailed it 😏 As the glass approached the mouth an odd smell was detected . The first taste confirmed it. It is a sticky Band-Aid! Now, what are our options to finish this glass and not waste precious ice . Some dry ginger ale? Hmm, now it’s a sticky Band-Aid pulled off after wearing it in the shower by mistake. Thanks Bruce for a unique experience never to be repeated 😅

A good nights sleep followed by the usual delicious breakfast had us on the road by 0830 and a good run home relaxing at Ponderosa by 11 am on a cloudy cool day . So now a couple of days of chilling before heading back to Maryhole on Wednesday for good. The ankle is rather swollen today after a lot of upright activity in recent days so will be a very quiet afternoon. TB didn’t seem too sad to see us leave but to be fair it may have been the T Shirt I wore yesterday 😏

Will sign off now from Grind n Bind as we approach the 9 week mark and well on road to recovery if still a few curves ahead but hopefully no dark tunnels. Of course would have been totally lost without CLP who has been my rock. ❤️

A quiet couple of months before October rocks around and “ What Happens in Las Vegas “ kicks off. Later dudes and dudettes.

Always leave em smiling

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