Brisvegas before Las Vegas – Day 3

Posted: March 20, 2022 in Uncategorized

Average night sleep as usual when in a new place after a day of imbibing . There was some racket outside late at night and can only assume it was one of those Hollywood celebs swanning around in between shooting latest epic Jungle Cruise 2 on the Brisbane river. Can’t say I can place the face but they have so much work done these days it could be anybody. Ouch, hey that hurt

Looks like a booteeful day dawned so headed out early for our morning coffee. We are creatures of habit in case the penny hasn’t dropped yet folks. Espresso Engine on Turbot St seemed as good a place as any to start . We got there before the early morning rush of workers (hee hee) but was already doing good business

Always been considered a Star but now it is official and as a Star club member there was a rather good breakfast special on at The Kitchen. Put CLP to work washing the dishes first up and then we got stuck into the smashed Avo Egg Toast Bacon combo and twas rather good.

Speaking of Breakfast my partner in crime , R of RJER fame mentioned on weekend about the new Rum bar at the Brekky Creek Hotel . A plan formed , dissolved and then reappeared as if by magic . Back to room to chill for a couple and then mix with the GU on a shortish bus ride to be creek adjacent for some rumbos before hooking into a steak at midday. Of course, after the floods the creek may be adjacent to the bus stop which will make for a short walk.

Brisvegas has always been a great city to walk around but there certainly is a lot of construction and road closures in the CBD at present. Also sad that City Cats are not running yet

We headed off at 10:30 for todays adventure and caught our bus. Mask compliance 80%. Got off at the bus stop near Brekky Creek which certainly is a better idea than our usual plan off jumping off moving vehicles at random locations. A mirage appeared on the near horizon

Of course food can wait when there is rum available. We worked our way along the various sub stations ( non French of course ) until we got to 41. An impressive place and quiet with just the cheery barmaid behind the bar. Well, talk about fookin useless. Tried to engage her in what one normally does at these establishments and just got a blank look. Eventually decided on a shot of Jamaican and went back later for some Peruvian juice. Great idea. Lousy implementation . I drank and soon forgot my grievances .

Then time for some meat of the red variety . Who on earth thinks it’s a great idea to have Scan, Tap and Pay caper at a pub is a goose. Anyway , it worked ok and soon we were pumping that cholesterol up with the best of them . Great meal washed down with a Balter XPA , a brand which is suddenly everywhere in Brisvegas

A slow stroll then through Newstead Park which seems to have recovered well before bus trip home to chill for a few. There was an impressive erection to be found if you looked hard enough, a lesson for us all.

After a suitable R&R we headed for afternoon drinkies and made a beeline for a CLP recommendation at end of Mall – The Gresham. It ain’t cheap maybe but to relaxasalubriate ( patent pending) in such elegant surroundings was an excellent way to end a long day .

Did I mention it had been a long day ?

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