Another One Bites the Dust…..

Posted: December 31, 2021 in Uncategorized

And so another year ends and another holiday is cancelled. The devil is in the detail and the detail here is we wont be seeing any devils in Tasmania anytime soon. Due to travel in 6 weeks and realistically with COVID running rampant it aint worth the risk. Not worried about catching the lurgy as such being triple boosted but the impact of possible contact and then testing, isolation etc could cause havoc on a tightly planned , and prepaid, road trip. The only trip on the horizon now for moi is USA in October and would not be betting the house on that coming off. Instead we will review what has been a busy few weeks

Caught up with Toowoomba clan first in late November and then another catch up with Beachmere Boys in Rainbow Beach a week later. Squeezed in a quick game of golf at Tin Can Bay as well

Then it was time for the Della Xmas gathering at Mike and Jodie’s the week before Xmas. First up though a quick detour to Medium Security Twilight Home at Carseldine to catch up with Ferguson Matriach

Getting rather warm by now so after a swim, a drink and a feed and was ready for a lie down

December was moving along nicely when word arrived of Omicron

Onward and Upward as they say as the Fat Jolly fellow (not Scomo) was loading up the sleigh and heading our way. A quiet Xmas day at Flashman Inc , Maplehead ensured any future contact tracing would be piss easy. It was CLP Your Honor. Traditions ensued with requisite video double play

Then it was time for pressies and a good old sing song. I loved the T Shirt but the dress ticked me off a tad not that I let on of course

After a quiet couple of days RJER arrived and we had a lovely time with da girls despite the inclement weather

Time then to duck home quickly for a few days , play some golf, mow some grass, grab some sleep and a quick visit from da Beachmere Boys. After spending Xmas in Maryhole they will never complain again about having nothing to do…

…. and then back down for News Year Eve. Just the two of us but darn if we didnt make it to at least 9pm after watching our fave romance movie of course

In between all of the family festivities we watched a bit of cricket. England’s humiliation was summed up by the fact the Boxing Day Test finished before the Sydney to Hobart yacht race

And so we end the year in uncertain times. Its going to get worse before it gets better but hopefully with the “let it rip” policy in full swing Omicron may be the last variant we see. Lets face it we could run out of the Greek alphabet at this rate . Luckily cyclones use common names like…. Seth. One thing that remains constant of course is the complete incompetence of the Weather Bureau which in its own way does bring some solace in these difficult times. Been some good rain and some cool temperatures the last week which is kinda pleasant.

You would think 2022 has to be better than 2021 right ?

Just like we thought 2021 had to be better than 2020…….

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