BBB – Day 7

Posted: April 24, 2021 in Uncategorized

Woke a tad seedy after a solid effort last night but was immediately entranced by a glorious sunrise on this significant day . Had I really slept in until 10 am 🤔

The fire wood supply was starting to look a bit low so time to head out to wood pile with Freddo and grab some wood in the barrow as you do. Hmm, those logs look somewhat intact and thick🤔 Yes , we need to chop them up with this thing that is very sharp at one end. But I don’t want to be a lumberjack… or do I …

It was a glorious morning so we set to work tag team style but forgot our matching outfits . To be fair Freddo did most of it as I had accidentally wandered out in my slippers . We got a barrow full which should last 24 hrs. Maybe we need a bigger barrow

After our usual yummy breakfast it was time to head out for some nature on this glorious morning. Went to room, got changed and came back out and suddenly someone had stolen that orange ball out of the sky 😳 Oh well , add an extra layer and hit the road . We went to Barkers Creek Reservoir for some exercise and edumacation.

Now for that morning coffee. We drove past a few usual faves but they were all a jumping on this particular day so we ended up at Castlemaine and Padres Cafe. I wanted to go back to Frau Blucher at Das Kaffeehaus but apparently my photo is up on the wall and not allowed back in after last time. Perfectly fine , if lukewarm , coffee and some toasted fruit buns closed out the morning in style. Back home for lunch to ward off fading away and could foresee a nana nap in near future .

As late afternoon approached I could feel our resolve to be smarter tonight starting to slip. It was a cool grey afternoon or as they call it in Victoria – Autumn. Watch some Anzac Day footy but being in foreign lands it may not be the good one . Oh well

Of course watching footy in Harcourt at 5 pm – or doing anything for that matter – does require some dexterity

The Dons won, the Roosters won. Time for dinner . Another booteeful meal with accompanying alcohol in a shiraz free zone. In fact the drinks tonight would fit right in at a Pro Trump rally – white as far as the eye can see. Nothing wrong with that of course …. when talking about alcohol 😏

Another wonderful day comes to an end and only one more to go now 😰 . As sad as I may be can only imagine how devastated my devoted followers must feel to think a blog free zone approaches

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