Brisvegas Because You Can ……..for now

Posted: August 4, 2020 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

So as things get a tad gloomy we had luckily booked a few days in Brisvegas as our fave resting place The Stamford was having some good deals naturally. I was originally going to Sydney for 5 days this week while CLP relaxed on Straddie. Luckily I pulled pin a few weeks ago – no way would have been there this week .May not be flexible in the bending caper but am with plans so we also tacked on a night at RJE BnB to ease us in . Dropped in and saw Sis and Bro in Law on way through before blowing the froth off one at Gasworks. Our first introduction to guestHQ for digital logging in and works well

Decamped at Camp Hill and spent lovely afternoon with da girls. Eloise gravitates to Nonna which leaves me to lie on floor while Ruby climbs all over me. Sweet . It had been a long day having started in Maryhole at 0430 so an early night for all. Certainly had a good nights sleep and maybe because CLP apparently slept elsewhere …

Tuesday spread before us so thought we would try the old early check in trick but as had forgotten my sling no sympathy was shown. Or a valet. I had combined a “ Riverside Retreat package with a Staycation “ and knew I had free parking and breakfast and also drink and food vouchers but on which nights am not sure ! Also a top room on 16 th floor. Certainly see differences around the hotel with no valet parking and no mini bar – not big issues. Ronny at Reception said they still did 50-60% capacity during week.

So, I parked car and we caught a slow moving Rivercat to Newfarm park where we had arranged to meet CLPs old boss Stuart for lunch. First pleasant surprise of the day was I am a “ gold member “ in the Go Card festivities and ride for free off peak. I have been off my peak for years so should be able to abuse this the whole week. Great lunch and catch up and Stuart even played free Uber when I told him of my Gold status .

So it was up to our room for a relaxing afternoon. We do have a “ High Tea” as part of our package today so thought we would use that as our dinner . You know at 430 pm. We are Seniors after all.

The High Tea was nothing special but then we didn’t pay much for it either😏 There was a full bottle of “champers” but not much solid food but rather little “sweet treats” which just happens to be CLPs nickname for moi . It was a booteeful night though under a full moon

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