Pack Ya Bags Son

Posted: January 4, 2020 in Travel

2020 has started as expected – on January 1st.

Looking at my calendar the next 13 months is looking rather special on the travel front if not the bank account front. Mind you with Buffoon Bob unleashed in an election year what exactly are we saving up for apart from Armageddon? I suspect the financial markets may be massaged until November rolls around but after that all bets are off methinks. Either he goes full catatonic when he loses or full catatonic when he wins. Imagine him unleashed and not trying to get re elected in 2024. I digress

First up of course is Call Me Bwana aka The African Safari. In March we fly over to South Africa , cuddle some baboons (CLP well trained already) and molest a Meerkat or two in a rather whirlwind 2 weeks. Short expensive holidays are my new mantra this year. Back home just in time to start dreaming of daytime temperatures below 30 degrees in a matter of months only. 😦 There may be a short stay in Melbourne at a short stay apartment in July if for no other reason than I love that symmetry. And cold weather

In mid October ie pre Election, a short trip to USA to finally see Las Vegas and then a few days in Santa Monica. As we know What happens in Santa Monica……. is hardly worth blogging about. Out and back in 2 weeks again so could almost leave the bins out to be honest. Then its back to USA in February 2021 ie Post Election, to fave old haunt of NYC (yes things like minds do change)and an adjacent snowy city most likely Philadelphia. Again 2 weeks max. Its a lot of flying maybe but generally closer to pointy end than fat end if ya get my drift so no great impost. And I may finally snag that Gold FF badge to go with my 25 m Breastroke Certificate.

What is of slight interest/concern with these trips is I have booked most of accommodation already and no flights. Generally not recommended but I live life on the edge – well to be honest I do prefer the aisle as is easier to get to toilet and I have a note from my Urologist who luck would have it am seeing in 2 weeks time for “further investigations” . Getting old aint fun. Unless you still travel a lot. Anyhoo, booking Las Vegas and Santa Monica not a big deal as both are free cancellations up to October. New York is a little different 🙂 The Aussie $ is like petrol prices. Remember how we first complained when petrol went north of $1.30 a litre. Now we rejoice when it stays under $1.50. Its all called conditioning. When Aussie $ first fell into the 60s the sky fell in. Now if it looks like breaking 70c again we start buying shares in Nascar teams. And Apple Pie. In 2019 which seems more like 2017 now stayed at the Hotel Beacon having given up on usual plan of finding a “legal short term rental” in the city that never sleeps…… in short term rentals it appears. Stay away from hotels in general but was very happy with Beacon. You can pay a bit extra for a high floor and corner room. Windows would be nice of course. They have changed their room descriptions a bit and also did not see option for “pay up front , make heap big savings” . As I was a tad bored as it was after 7 am on any given day dropped Chauncey at the front desk at Hotel Beacon a very early gentle enquiry about options 12 months in advance wrt early payment discounts. He assured me they did still offer that and what dates would you like? This was all happening a bit quick but worked out avoid Valentines on 14th and President Day holiday on 15th and fly mid week as that is usual criteria for any good Qantas deals – if they ever release them! Before you could say ScoMo is a Goose an offer was on the table which when all things considered, but mostly the woeful exchange rate, was rather enticing. As in only $100 AUD more then what I paid back in 2019 for same room type and same length stay. So I hooked in and paid up front. Yep, no cancellation possible. At least with the CC you get closer to the going rate of 69.8 c than the 66 c that CBA gouge you with on international money transfers.

So, now just have to wait for some flight deals to arrive at least for October. Not rushing in for Philly accommodation as VRBO still legal there and their prices are actually higher this far out. Should be an exciting and busy 13 months with a variety of destinations spread over time. Of course it will be hard after Feb 2021 and reality kicks in again

Oh thats right we are cruising like a Viking to Russia in September 2021 🙂

Unless Buffoon Bob nukes it first I guess

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