The Decemberists Day 1

Posted: December 3, 2017 in Travel

No not the indie rock band from Portland – although did leave some DNA there earlier this year – but rather the rocking duo’s latest adventure . Seemed like a sound plan at the time to escape the rain and gloom of Qld for a week of sunshine in Victoria. Hmm. Ok. Well it’s a great time to catch up with far flung family for Mitch’s engagement party at end of week. Speaking of family yesterday was a wonderful time celebrating Ryan’s first birthday in Toowoomba with all the kids and grandkids. Love to see the cousins get together

So for this short soujourn we have a few days at an Air BnB in Mornington Peninsula before a couple of days in Healesville before congregating at Eltham at end of week for family celebration . Flying out early Sunday morning to Melboring and then pick up car and head off in general south east direction until we hit water . With current deluge there we may do that before we leave the car park! There could be wineries and breweries involved for the week but generally I am adverse to those type of activities. But it is December ….

Good flight down and arrived on time to some scuds and coolish weather . As always picking up the car rental is a pain in the ass and an expensive one to boot. Getting out of airport is always tricky especially in driving rain but we made it and took a slightly circuitous route to avoid toll roads and even stopped in Camberwell for a very passable lunch . Arrived at Musicians Retreat for our 3 night stay in Rosebud. Looks very comfortable and quiet .

After unpacking and a quick cuppa we decided to head down to Portsea for a drive as weather was mostly clear and had fond memories of the hotel overlooking the sea from many years ago. It’s still there but does seem more built in now . Mind you we didn’t have to wait long for a beer and had our choice of any table in the outdoor beer garden. As expected your average Victorian is a pussy and has to be indoor if temp drops below 25 . Apparently . A long walk on a short pier and time to head home for an early night after catching up on some cricket

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