Red Rock – Day 5

Posted: September 6, 2017 in Travel

Today is John Candy day as in Planes, Trains and Automobiles. If you forget the trains of course. This 2 out of 3 thing is becoming a habit eh . But first a morning to check out this town and see what it is like . Why it’s like Alice I guess

Another glorious morning of course with a slight chill in air and crystal clear blue skies . Very fine cooked breakfast to kick off after a good nights sleep. Then a casual walk along the raging Todd River and into town to see the highlights . Ok singular – Anzac Hill. Easy climb after yesterday’s ordeal. Great view and another amazing mountain range as backdrop.

Then went for a pleasant walk through mall and checked out some drinking establishments and quirky stores. Even bought an RM Williams jacket on sale that wasn’t gortex!

Back home to pack and then out to airport for one more Qantas Club load up for the 2 hrs before flight 🙂 certainly is a crowded lounge at midday . Arrive in Adelaide just before 4 pm and then fun starts with a hire car

On a side note while people watching in lounge was unlucky enough to have a middle aged slob sit next to me # firstworldproblems. By slob I mean he simply had disgusting habits . Apart from constant talking on phone always had two drinks on go – whiskey and beer – with burps or gurgles accompanying. We moved luckily but continued observing hoping against hope he would catch a different plane to us . Nope. His grossest act though was every 10 mins while refilling his whiskey he would walk past food table , blow his nose and wipe with hand/ tissue and then put hand in pretzel or chip bowl and take a handful before sitting down again. About 5 times. I really believe a lot of sickness spread on flights is through disgusting behaviour like this. CLP and I on bigger planes – 737 – with 3/3 config in Economy take two aisle seats . After seat luck on bus yesterday thought what chance this grub will sit next to me! He was on our flight. Last call and of course he was last to board as needed one last drink. He approached down the aisle on wobbly feet towards 19 C…… and stopped at 17 D. Whew. And then discovered both CLP and I had two spare seats next to us after all boarded. Knobber knobber . Life is strange at times eh . So it was a great flight in the end and unlike on the Qantas link plane the Q streaming on the 737 worked a treat . Now what chance the car rental pick up works as smoothly ?

Great flight. Smooth process with car – got a bigger model then requested , not ideal actually – and drove the 45 mins out to lodgings in Hahndorf for next 4 nights . I think I have earnt that first beer at The German Arms

Don’t mention the war !

About a 10-15 min walk to Main Street which is fine if not raining . Beers were good but the schnitzels were all quantity no quality. No wonder the Germans are fat .

Tomorrow can sleep in at last as an easy day of touring wineries planned

Yeah right.

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