The Week That Was – 19th May 2017

Posted: May 19, 2017 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

If there is one thing that gets the old Isobar pointing north for the weather folk it is the prospect of an EVENT. Only has to be a prospect mind you and of course have to shoot your load a few days early so that no chance you are actually proven wrong – 7% accuracy record not withstanding – when nothing like what was predicted actually occurs. Then if you can direct some blood flow back to above the waist you need a name. It must have taken hours to come up with THE BIG WET unless of course they were referring to their bedsheets that morning when the clouds rolled in. As we go to print we are smack back in the middle of said EVENT and it has been a tad ordinary. Now if you actually can be bothered delving into the post you may see that for this actual area it was never going to be Armageddon but that doesnt stop the all encompassing screaming headlines in the local, very dry as it turns out, rag.

Mind you at least it is a break from the usual headlines of recent weeks demanding that a 10 lane tunnel be built stat between Tiaro and Maryborough. Now dont get me wrong, road accidents are tragic in so many ways but riddle me this. Yes there have been a lot of accidents in the last 6 weeks on this stretch but the road has not changed has it?? If it was as bad as you say 2 months ago, 6 months ago why are all these accidents happening now ? Just remember be careful what you wish for. It is of course always amusing to listen to non locals refer to “Tiaro” is so many different ways

There was one headline that had the fans gasping this week. “Flash strings two good rounds together

Now it is impossible to explain the impact of “slope” etc on the actual handicap you play with on that day to a non golfer but suffice to say it is low as my golf handicap has been from memory which these days runs as far back as April 2017! While good in one way not so good when it comes to the bets against the Burglars from Bamff that roam the course with alarming frequency

Last weekend was another Burbank gathering to celebrate the Della Patriach birthday. And just as I was starting to fit back into my clothes

Now Ant tried something different this time. Supposedly 3 bottles of 2008 Coonawarra Cab Savs to taste in a blind test. It worked. By the end I was blind. But not that blind to realise the 3rd one was actually water! Fool me once shame on me. Fool me twice it must be a day ending in y

In sporting world there is an interesting contrast between cricket and NRL at present. The cricketers want to keep getting a share of revenue rather than a fixed wage and this is what the NRL players want to shift to. Seems to make sense to me – if pulling in more money surely the players deserve a slice of the pie. Conversely if they lose crowds/ratings their wages drop. What am I missing here? Showing photos of Bob Boom boy getting out of his Lamborghini is a cheap shot and missing the point. As I understand it the big names are trying to get a better deal for all levels of players including shield players. The fact that some are already obscenely overpaid is not the point. In other amusing news the QT man doesnt want to release Milford to SOO if he may just be a bench warmer. Would have to check history but wonder what similar processes he may have followed when he was SOO coach ? Speaking of SOO I suspect this is the year that the Blues start to dominate. Will largely depend on the first game of course but if they get a win early they could really go on with it for a few years. They are confidence players so if they lose the first again likely be in the foetal position in the change rooms after the game

In TV land have been watching 13 Reasons. Why? Not sure but it is engaging enough. Mind you there is so much to watch these days it is hard to fit it all in. Better Call Saul continues to enthrall even waiting week to week with the plebs. American Crime was dull dull dull so no surprise it was cancelled. Handmaids Tale continues to intrigue and would suggest Moss may have to fall off the edge of the world not to get the Emmy next time around. If only Pippa Middleton could drop off the planet. zzzzzzzzz

On that note there was an interesting article today from the makers of this show which was being shot during US Presidential elections and that how the dystopian future of Gilead was happening in real life! You become immune to a degree with the daily mistakes by Trump and just when you think he will pull back he doubles down. One can only see party revolt or impeachment in the near future and the prospect of the latter already sent some shivers through stock market. Not good for us reduntirees! Of all his stoopid statements this week – and there was a Melbourne Cup field – this one is best summed up below

So on that sombre note lets throw in a couple of T Shirts that bought a smile to my face. Yes it does happen and I have photographic evidence. Somewhere

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