The Week That Was 23.7.16

Posted: July 22, 2016 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Spring has sprung and the morons rejoice because heaven forbid we should have two nights in a row with single digits. They have to take their gloves off to count I guess. The weather bureau started the week back on form with a complete exaggeration of the amount of rain that would fall. Luckily the week also started with a wonderful celebration for the Ferguson matriach on the occasion of her 90th birthday. Kidnapped in the middle of the night from the maximum-security twilight home for the bewildered she was quickly transported to the festivities at Kedron Wavell RSL showing appropriate surprise and wonderment – given she had organised the whole thing 🙂 Only joking, wonderful effort by sister Anne et al. It was a gloomy day admiitedly but must make one feel rather special to see a room of up to 50 people and to know it all started with that simple I do all those years ago. Hell, I played my small part with my small part to personally contribute about 8-10 of the free loaders. Sadly the cousins do not see much of each other these days so is extra special to all get together . People came from far and wide including Strathpine.

family 3family2


Terrorism continues to strike world wide in a sad reflection of the times but a fair deal of the news coverage at least in USA was devoted to the RNC in Cleveland and you just knew the news people (a loose term admittedly) were hoping the Orange smurf would go full batshit crazy in an epic meltdown. Instead he was rather subdued and we had the riveting stuff of “the plagiarised speech” ; more evidence of why Ted Cruz is hated by everyone ; the walking ad for Valium disguised as a VP and of course little Lord Fauntleroy front and centre at the end . I always suspected Jon Stewart must be kicking himself to not be on air during this period but dang if he isnt popping up everyhwere now. In a packed field of creditable entries I have selected these two as my faves for this particular period in life as we know it. Stewart and Colbert have reprised memories of the famous AC skit of Who’s on First with their own version of Who’s the Candidate?


In another sign of the times Carpool karaoke with Michelle Obama likely still pulled better ratings 🙂

Sportswise you can put a line through the Broncos in 2016. I never quite understand all the plaudits the QT man gets as a coach ? Good manager of men? Maybe. Great tactician? Nope. Give me Bellamy anyday. Milford is way overrated as is McQuire who has added bonus of being a grub. You cant win a game with Alex Glen in the centres. Oates has read a bit too much of his own press. The effort against Penrith was simply pathetic and you can no longer blame SOO. Grow a pair, ya overpaid wankers. Think back to 2015 GF and then compare Broncs and Cowboys this week. Even daylight saving could not bridge the gap now. Rio Olympics is really becoming a Who Cares fixture only saved by the reappearance of Roy and HG on the airwaves. Give Pro golfers slow greens and they are stuffed eh. As always The Open is a unique event but simply on at the wrong time of day for this LBD (see future comment about HDD capacity before ridiculing please)

In TV land one must again be thankful for Netflix . When I saw the title of Stranger Things I thought “Haven’t we seen enough of the RNC already?” but it was actually a very good boys own adventure with more than a dash of suspense thrown in. The acting was uniformly excellent although to be fair not sure that Winona was acting. More Marvel shows on the way with Luke Cage et al to boot. Kickass Torrents have been taken down again , at least temporarily, and Internode have doubled my monthly download quota for free. Think Old Whiskers is trying to tell me something ? Aussie drama continues to impress while US shows like Suits fall off the radar in a mess of bubbles and annoying female leads . Yes Blacklist, looking at you too ! Foxtel even threw in a couple of weeks of “free movie channels” so my hard drive now is fuller than a State School hatrack with some old faves lined up for the cooler nights ahead. Ok….. may not need a whole HD full , fair cop 😦

Speaking of cool weather I couldnt shake CLP this time so will be heading off to NSW ( in full Maroon attire) end of upcoming week with beloved for a couple of weeks driving around in what will be known , for devoted fans, as Blue Mountains, Red Wine and White Sands – Colour Me Happy or BRW for simplicity sake. The title is a fair clue but you will just have to follow it to get all the details. Should be great to be around folk that embrace actual cool temperatures and cant win an SOO series.

It was also a week where one realises the important things in life but that is not a discussion for this nonsense , now or ever

Until we meet again. If I speak slowly it will be because I am in NSW, OK?

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