ABD – One Week and Counting

Posted: February 6, 2016 in Travel

In a sure sign of advancing old age as holiday approaches my excitement level doesnt rise but more the list of things that could go wrong expand! A lot can happen in 7 days – Old Whiskers may create another heaven and earth for example. Probably looked at the weather forecast and put it off a while. At least I should be able to tick off “severe head cold” because I have had that for the last week! Seem to have avoided the salmonella/spider laced salad treat as well so far.

First concern of course is actually leaving the country. Once you get on that first plane then at least anything that happens after that at least u r on holidays even if u suddenly find yourself in Cuba. I have asked for an upgrade on first leg on A380 as do not have ideal seats and may as well use the FF points. Of course Qantas dont tell you of your fate until about 24-48 hrs before flight because they are still hoping to flog the seats for full whack. Clearly not as much hope on our first domestic leg from Brisvegas to Sydney where I have been bombarded with emails from Qantas this week asking me first if I want to upgrade this leg and when that failed if I want to bid on an upgrade. Well clowns no because I have to keep all my points in case I get the international upgrade 2 days later which u aint telling me about yet! BC upgrade for such a short leg really isnt worth it when already a QC member so full on snout in trough before even get on plane.

Weather is always a concern but then you cant do much about that. Last year I was trying to keep one step ahead of Marcia Marcia Marcia as it slowly moved down the coast. As I have plenty of time I though as a sheer exercise in futility I would monitor predicted temps in the 3 cities I will visit for period I am there. When the overnight mins varied by 8 degrees in a 48 hr period I knew this would only be a frustrating exercise. My fave though had to be the one for NYC on March 4th. Ok this link will likely change over next 24 hrs but trust me when I say it predicts the temperature range for that day is 4 to 4. Yep, not a degree change all day! “Hey Frank , are you sure this is right?” “Yep, that is what the modelling says”

Weather NYC March 4th

Hoping for a bit of winter snow at least in Boston but may well be out of luck. Phil is predicting an early spring and lets face it has as much chance as anyone else of being right! Does anyone else think those bloody hats could be blocking the shadow! At least we know where failed Republican Presidential candidates end up

Any pending OS travel of course means interaction with Centrelink before ,during and after. Actually physically presented twice to downtown office and much smoother process than actually waiting an hour on phone. Confidence level still the same though. I have a letter confirming my notification of leaving country but the lassie said I will
still get the annoying reminders about reporting etc because “they are automated”. Well switch them off sweetheart, its 2016! Technology is wonderful until it aint.

We do of course have a very enjoyable weekend in Sydney first up and read an interesting blog this week comparing Sydney and Melbourne with the author coming down very much on the side of Sydney. I have always been a Melbourne fan but it struck me about a similar comparison between NYC and Washington. Like Washington, Sydney has some of the most iconic must see sights in Australia for any international visitor but does that make it the more interesting city? Dont think so but will be good to see for a couple of days with a very nice dinner planned for Saturday night and with both Valentines Day and my Birthday to celebrate … well if I can even walk onto the plane on Monday someone isnt doing their job properly eh!

So now just a case of waiting and filling in the week with usual mix of work, coughing and play. Still waiting to hear about possible White House tour but all I have are a few emails from Hillary Clinton so not confident but very well informed about US foreign policy!

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