Monday Musings

Posted: April 12, 2015 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Digital and Streaming are two words usually associated with Prostate function, or lack there off. Now though they are the buzz words for the happening entertainment world. Aussie Netflix has launched shortly after Stan and Laurel and surprisingly Treasure Island (land of pirates ya with me?) seems to have got a tad excited. Of course there is even HBO Now available if you know how to set up a US iTunes account and doctor your DNS -lets face it forget the 3 Rs this is what they should be teaching in schools now. Keeping our Prostate analogy foremost in our minds it is good timing as certainly sick and tired of the Fisting by Foxtel I get at present. Did the math last week and reckon I pay $102 a month for a weekly US PGA event and two sports shows! Makes that electronic nose hair remover seem cost efficient. On top of the price gouging of course they simply refuse to answer your email queries in a suitable timeframe. So netflix runs to about $11, Stan (if stays which is unlikely) $10 and HBO $20 Aussie per month so can dump Foxtel, sort out some kinda pass for digital play of golf and still have money left for a weekly massage with Ling Ling at Golden Fingers, Station Square. And not an eyepatch in sight, yay! Speaking of which , the Dallas Buyers Club LLC was certainly interesting. Will scare the casual pirate fairly straight I imagine with no real cost return for them so not sure why they went with it. Your average pirate is a complex person mind you. GOT Season 5 first 4 episodes leaked on line (still with the prostate analogy, clever eh) and were the bottles of rum popped ? Maybe, but still you had the whiners saying “what only 480p? Piss off, I’m waiting for 1080p”. Some people need a swat with a big dragon tail.

Its rare that you would say a Masters golf tournament is boring but this year was as close as you may get for a while. 3 things were confirmed. Nicklaus is the greatest ever, Spieth is the real deal, and Tiger is back. What is it with Tiger and stray roots? Has he not learned his lesson yet?? To make the cut and finish with the score he did is rather amazing and his mental toughness was never in question but to bring back that short game he had a few months ago to Augusta was daring. Drama does always seem to follow him though – especially when not winning:) Still for me , only one question remains – what the fuck was Tiger’s current 19th hole wearing at the Par 3 contest on Wednesday? In other sports news, are the Broncos the real deal this year? Still think they will struggle by year’s end as will St George. Both teams are doing well on guts and great defense but lack the real firepower to blow teams off the park. They still have Boyd to return of course which should help and should not be too decimated come SOO time. Good of the QT man of rugby league to acknowledge the groundwork laid by Hook previously when reviewing the solid start this year.

Lovely weekend catching up with My Generations including NDD – now distant daughter. Toowoomba is a lovely town at this time of year with plenty of great eating options and parks to visit along with excellent B&Bs. As always it is a joy to not only see how booteeful all 5 grandkids are but also how well behaved they are and a credit to their respective parents. Back out in a few weeks for Grandparents Day at Will and Pat’s school followed by a rugby match the next day for Will. Its ok will steer him towards rugby LEAGUE slowly and sneekily:) Driving back from Flashman Inc, Sunshine Coast HQ bright and early this morning and as the sun slowly rose on the horizon life was looking pretty good

Now I just have to go out and check my bunkers …………








  1. Cath Della says:

    Great post!

    Yes, I have an iPad!


  2. flashman181 says:

    Because of your photo?

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