Nanook of the North – NYC Day 10

Posted: March 3, 2015 in Travel

Last full day in NYC dawned fine but the forecast was a bit grim with snow coming back in after lunch. And these guys are never wrong. So out for a hearty breakfast. All these mornings I have been walking 8 blocks to Little Collins and there is a very fine Lexington Brass next door! After the 17 egg omelette I now know why I opt for the smaller breakfast and good walk usually. But you know when in NYC – have a heart attack and die early. The clouds were starting to roll in already and thought I heard thunder but to be fair could have been my stomach. Couple of final gifts to purchase and a general walk around with not much planned as such. Last days can be a bit of a wasteland if not well planned and this was shaping up likely. Still am sure something unique will happen. I may not have a drink for example.

Walked rather aimlessly for a couple of hours, saw Empire State yada yada yada , got a few forgettable souvenirs but it wasn’t a total waste of time. As pulled out camera to take a picture of Grand Central realized the image looked odd and then remembered I had set White Balance to “tungsten light” to take shot inside McGee’s Pub yesterday. And left that setting on. Kinda explains why the subsequent Central Park shots had a bluish hue. I may have discovered something here.(The first two photos demonstrate effect) Of course walking home with an “I Love NYC” plastic bag bearing gifts also means you are going to be accosted by hustlers and beggars – even more than usual. At least the hot women still appear totally indifferent. My metro card expired yesterday and if need arises will simply buy a single fare later but its looking like a quiet day all round. The other thing I learnt yesterday about the Subway is you cant enter twice within 18 minutes. (Isn’t that why they created Viagra?). So with smaller stations there may be only one entrance for the uptown or downtown – make sure you know where you are going before swiping. You may end up going down when you didn’t want to and we all know that can leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

The snow was a bit late arriving, not showing up until around 3 pm. This could mean only one thing – time for one last trip to laundary. Then catch up on some TV shows. This Time Warner Cable is great but right about now would swap for Netflix so could watch me some House of Cards. That should just leave one last venture out into the snow for some dinner and that last beer in NYC. Or last couple…..

Off to Philly tomorrow late morning on Amtrak. Its been an amazing 10 days especially with the weather changes being everything I had hoped for. As have found out previously travelling solo does limit some activities especially at night. No, not what you are thinking but rather meals and shows! I will have to get a bit more motivated in Philly and venture out for a nice meal if the weather picks up a few degrees. Very easy to slip into the pub meal culture. I was also a bit slack and didn’t get out to Queens or explore Brooklyn more as I had planned.

Not that there is anything wrong with that Jerry. As someone near and dear once said “You are on holidays ya clown, you can do whatever you want”. Actually she may have said it three times before it sank in and the clip around the ear helped enormously.

Highlights? In no particular order

1. Daily Show live taping. A long and rewarding bonding experience shared with many but especially one odd little Pom.

2. Central Park on a clear blue day after snow. Or during snow. Its a stunning place

3. Standing in middle of Brooklyn Bridge on a freezing cold morning taking in the wonderful vista

4. The two Soprano locations – Holstens and Bada Bing

5. Discovering beer tastes good anywhere and Pubs are always warm and welcoming. And that I can walk on ice half cut at night.

Its only been 10 days but feel like I have aged a year.

Oh that’s right, I did.







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