Nanook of the North – NYC Day 8

Posted: March 1, 2015 in Travel

After a somewhat disturbed night’s sleep for other reasons I limped out of bed early but not so bright and checked the weather forecast. Around here you only have to wait 5 minutes for a weather update. In general these folk have a better set of darts than our boys back home and are generally accurate and were still sticking to their forecast of snow this afternoon after a cool cloudy morning. So kicked off with a bit of TV on demand first to catch up – this time it was Justified. A lot of people say I remind them of Raylan because of my laid back easy going charm. I think its because I have always Givens so much to others.

Its fair to say big cities and me don’t really mix time wise. I am ready to go early but they are still sleeping in. Given that the afternoon was looming as a possible “seek out dark paneled rooms and take a seat” type of day I decided to head down to where the Hipster Dufi congregate and do some walking. This would JUSTIFY the inevitable drinking later. See what I did there? So first stop was Chelsea to pack my meat and get High on the Line. Very quiet indeed so having gone from one end to other time for some breakfast and first actual sit down big breakfast of trip at Bubby’s. Standard fare, good service. Then check out the Chelsea Markets – which of course were not open yet. No matter. Oddly enough in such a big city I bumped into two ladies from the Brooklyn foodies tour. To say they were thrilled would be a major understatement. Not much else to do after that though so back to 23rd Street Station and into Greenwich Village. It was still a bit early for any really life yet and from Foodie tour knew Katz Deli was only about 3 k away thought I would walk it. In keeping with the bleak weather forecast for later on I headed off down BLEECKER Street. Have you folk caught on it? At least a good 40 minute walk but no matter as all part of the plan. KD was very quiet and wanting to sit at the famous table but feeling still as full as a state school hat rack I opted for the only real but knowingly poor option of a ‘cappuccino”. The paper cup was kinda indicative of the whole brief experience but I did get requisite photo and a chance to look at all the framed photos on walls. Then the walk back to GW which was still rather dead so hopped on subway for trip home. By now the ankle needed a rest anyway.

Right on cue it started snowing at midday. Ok no biggie , a quick lunch than a nanna nap. By 2:30 pm still coming down quite well and this was starting to cramp my drinking plans. When apartment Keurio coffee machine largely comes with “Starbucks Breakfast Blend Strength 4” Pods you knew there was not going to be a lot of joy there either. There was refuge out there but one still had to get there if only two streets away. Lets not rush this though so sat down and watched some Honda Classic Golf

At least after 4 pm it would be Happy Hour

So headed out about 4:30 pm with suitable attire and really was rather amazing the difference. After two beautiful clear days have to say this afternoon’s snow was just icing on the cake for the whole NYC Winter experience I was seeking. I had done my research and nearest Pub was only a short sleigh ride away. A few beers, a hamburger and watch the NBA game Cavs V Rockets. Perfect. Stopped at 3 beers as still had to negotiate the walk home on ice and sludge. Mind you that is 3 full strength Pints ! Liking Brooklyn Lager and Samuel Adams Cold Snap .Gotta say I love the NYC bar scene – always warm and welcoming with a good selection of beers on Tap and cheap meals. My waist line is less enamoured but that is a problem to deal with back in Maryhole. After all when am I likely to return to NYC by myself

Seriously I want to know 🙂


















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