Nanook of the North – NYC Day 5

Posted: February 26, 2015 in Travel

After another disturbed night of sleep woke up with a start at 05:45 to the sound of dancing in the street. It was those bloody weathermen all excited that the bone chiller had returned. Cloudy, snow flurries, and a bitter wind. Honestly I reckon he was barring up – but who could tell in this weather. Which raises the question – where are the chicky babes with their own personal cold fronts to present the weather? They take it so seriously here it has to be men in suits only? Anyhoo I digress. By now CLP would have a serious case of separation anxiety so a quick facetime with my honeybuns in a slightly foggy half awake state. A quick look outside and I knew how Sir Paul felt. (Mind you I reckon Tony Abbott should have given a knighthood to Ringo Starr just for Octopus’s Garden ). Thank you very much

The apartment of course is very warm right down to the toilet seat but in my half awake state I made the amateur mistake – washing my face under the running tap water in the bathroom. The icicles forming on the hands should have been the clue long before it hit my face – now I know how botox injections must feel without anesthetic. Time to head out and work my way through that breakfast menu at Little Collins. Dressing, I was drawn back to the Piranha brothers sketch and trying to form the perfect plan. Today I went with the T shirt first, then the Kathmandu skivvy, then the pullover , then the scarf and then the big jacket. Tomorrow I am going to add pants to the ensemble to keep the legs warm as well. Today I tried the avocado smash on Toast – with chili flakes! Like most of my body parts my taste buds are petite but very sensitive. No I’m not. Yes you are . Ah, sorry where was I? Ah yes the need to add chili flakes to a breakfast item. At least they did burn off the icicles forming on my lips. While my inner body burned and my outer body froze it was time to venture out into a day of no planning and see where it led me. Unlike Maryhole, there really is nothing to do in NYC so it could be a long day

Couple of tasks first – find those T Shirts and post some cards . The transit museum did in fact sell some good quality shirts so got what I needed and in a very PC way did not go for the generic pink for Jessica. Ok ya got me, I cant work out these frigging sizes ok and all the pink stuff looked way too small! As I always say its the thought that counts and who needs well fitting T Shirts when kids grow so quickly anyway. Next stop was go postal at the office and given the line up for social interaction went for the “self help” option. Punched in for first class international to Aussieland but at only $1:15 each don’t expect to see them anytime soon folks. Then a coffee at Café Grumpy where I finally learnt something else about myself. Thought my hearing was going since in NYC but now have realized it was simply because had beanie pulled down over ears all this time. What a silly bunt.

After dropping off purchased items headed back out in general direction of NYC Library and Bryant Park. Had to check out the frozen fountain. Still frozen? Let it Go. By now a light snow flurry had started but it was not bitter. Still cold enough though to seek refuge in a Pub as lunchtime approached. Found the only pub that didn’t serve food. Still the beer was fine at Peter Dillons. Luckily the next pub I found had a perfectly excellent lunch time menu and it seemed like a Bangers and Mash day. Two beers in the middle of the day can only mean one thing – nap time!

After suitable rest watched some golf on TV – the Bear Trap is fun! Then headed out for a walk down to UN mainly for some fresh air. Cold but bearable. Now other things are on my mind












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