2014 Flashies

Posted: December 29, 2014 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Well everyone else does eh. Random thoughts in no particular order and obviously reflective of only what I have seen or experienced. Dont get your panties in a twist if Kardashian Kapers et al does not appear in any worst of life list – I dont watch it. Of course with early onset Alzheimers hovering there is probably stuff I loved I simply forgot about – 364 days is a long time, one day at a time.

Best TV of 2014

Fargo was the best new show for moi especially the way they based it on the movie but didnt. Billy Bob was perfect. Solid runs by the faithful like OITNB, HOC, Good Wife, MM and Americans. UK continues to deliver quality drama especially in the mini series ilk like Happy Valley and The Missing along with returning Line of Duty. Most pleasant surprise of the year was Black Mirror – always great when you discover a show late and suddenly there a few seasons to watch. There was one piece of TV though that have rewatched a few times over the year – The Keating Interviews with Kerry 0’Brien. Now, love him or loathe him he is a fascinating character and when you see some of the clowns we have today attempt to speak on some subjects it is great to roll this one out to hear someone who had a view on everything and could actually express himself succinctly and often with wit. As someone who does not watch much animated at all Rick and Morty was a surprising treat

Most Disappointing TV of 2014. As opposed to worst because I simply dont watch some crap. Bit of a Melbourne Cup field here but lets see if we can narrow it down.

SOA was generally a good season but a poor self-indulgent ending left a sour taste. Same with Homeland – a good season until one of the worst season finales in recorded history. The Fall Season 2 had all the hype but no real substance as simply a competent 6 parter dragged out over 12 episodes and then still left hanging a bit. The Mentalist is simply rubbish now.

The Titanic Award for Rapidly Sinking Quality in Media. Channel 9. Their news is padded with fluff, their morning show is Ricki Lake on Valium and even their cricket telecast is dull most of the time. Their reporting of major events like the Sydney Siege is generally embarrassing. To be fair 7 and 10 are likely worst – dont watch them

Biggest Media Circus The death of Phillip Hughes was tragic. The following weeks of coverage inexplicable really. Did not take long for the mourning cricketers to return to same old behaviour

Best Movies of 2014 Remembering previously outlined criteria not a lot to choose from here as watch much more TV than movies

Nightcrawler was a standout and Gone Girl very solid. Edge of Tomorrow was a pleasant surprise. Much like with Rick and Morty was suprised how much I ebjoyed The Lego Movie. Snowpiercer was an interesting ride and Grand Budapest suitably bizarre

Most Disappointing Movies of 2014

Dont get all the love for Guardians of the Galaxy. Amazing Spiderman 2 was anything but. Chef was vastly overrated. There are worse movies out there certainly – but I didnt see them

Best Sporting Moments of 2104 The Rise of Ricciardo. Brisbane Roar winning A league. Two golf majors for Rory. Waratahs win Super 12. Steve Smiths batting this series. Rabbitohs win NRL

Worst Sporting Moment of 2014 The Blues win SOO. Where is the fun in that ?

Favorite Book of 2014 Still Fooling ‘Em. Gone Girl a close second. I dont read much

Favorite Music of 2014 Darlene Love singing Christmas Baby Please Come Home for the 753rd time on Letterman

Best New Holiday Destination of 2014. Berlin.

Biggest Bitch in the World 2014 Berlin Bahn Service Desk Attendant

Most Disappointing New Holiday Destination Tough one really as all holidays are great as are all cities but would have to say the cost of living in Copenhagen combined with a very poor hotel room gives it the nod in a very small field

Best OS Coffee in 2014 Coffee to Go in Aix-En-Provence

Worst OS Coffee in 2014 Talk about your Melbourne Cup field! The clear winner though was some cafe in Millau whose name and location was immediately wiped from my memory luckily

Best CLP of 2014 CLP

Worst CLP of 2014. Still 2 days to go……

Best Photo of 2014 Saw some great sights and took some great photos. The Festival of Lights in Berlin was holding a slender lead until my GC1 came up with the clear winner only a couple of weeks ago


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