Europe 2016 – Putin together a Plan

Posted: November 30, 2014 in Travel

Its been almost a month since we returned from Europe 2014 so must be time to look at the next big one. Common sense says that should be a couple of years away but then I have never been accused of being over endowed, at least in the area of common sense. Enter the voice of reason AKA CLP. As someone who still works and has no plans on retiring anytime soon there are factors other than simple finances to consider. And I do have a solo trip to USA early next year to fill in the gaps. So CLP suggest as a MOL I should start coming up with a few plans. Now given my abhorrence of acronymns this confused me a bit until explained it stood for “Man of Leisure”. So I replied “you could be LOL?” She replied “more like ROFL” . When I suggested “Really Old Fat Lady ?” she said “No ya clown those acronymns are already taken!” Younguns eh. So after a couple of Bex and a lie down it was time to get serious.

I suggested a couple of weeks at Brighton taking in the cloud on a nice deck chair; CLP suggested we climb Mt Everest. Clearly some common ground was required. Given that we are still moderately mobile and capable it seemed sensible to be a bit more adventurous while we still can. We like to combine some well known places like Paris and a few new countries each trip. Greece looms as a definite possibility both with Athens and Islands on the agenda. Athens is a tad isolated from other European countries by train but planes are always a possibility. Then comes Budapest which has always appealed much like Prague. What other countries could fit within the parameters of “slightly adventurous zimmer frame friendly”

Russia of course. Once again not the easiest place to get to by train – one famous one not withstanding. Moscow and St Petersberg appeal. CLP discovered you could get an overnight ferry from Helsinki to St Petersberg. Suddenly a 4th new country was added and things were starting to take shape. And it is easier to get to Helsinki from Budapest then into Russia. Now the plan will likely change a lot over the next 6 months but that is part of the fun isnt it.

Brisvegas – Dubai – Athens – Island – Budapest – Helsinki – St Petersberg – Moscow – Dubai – Brisvegas.

In the meantime, all together now

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