Day 34 – 24 Degrees of Separation

Posted: October 23, 2014 in Travel

The idea came to me this morning over breakfast eating my 4 slices of Bacon
(<– clue)13 degrees max in Copenhagen today; 37 in Dubai. Clever eh.

Very pleasant stay in Copenhagen. The Admiral Hotel had its deficiencies but the reception staff were great . In general all " service" people were great and all spoke English. The weather seemed like Melbourne in winter to moi. Cool and cloudy certainly but very changeable. Being near the water added to chill factor.

The Admiral Hotel is a conference hotel so very busy . The rooms are spacious but oddly dark. The street noise on the odd side of numbers is hopeless and with so many people coming and going at night it is simply a very noisy hotel. Good breakfast but very busy again and occasionally had to wait for table . Can't see us coming back but would not stay there again

Did I mention that cyclists are assholes? Seriously make a choice and stick with it. You have dedicated bike lanes , use them. You want to be treated like motorists ? Don't ride through bloody red lights when people are crossing! The place simply either swarms with them in motion or you have to walk around the 3000 parked on the footpaths.

As mentioned it is very expensive , may be their GST to blame? Anyway when you can't get a proper feed and a drink for two under $150 something is wrong. Cheapest and best souvenirs strangely were at airport. It's a worry when you still have 500 DKK left and not sure if that will get you lunch for two at airport. We shared a Mars bar so we could have one last beer.

Plane left on time. Travelling on big planes , as efficient as Emirates are, really does test your patience and resolve to see the world. There are simply so many morons, especially in economy. As always the food is good and plentiful if a little cramped for eating. Watched the latest Ape movie and rather enjoyed it

Dubai hotel is costing a motza but then that is always our plan. Couple of days of luxury before heading home to the real world. Of course last time in Dubai I received the email from Magnum PQ informing me of the lab closure occurring on Dec 7th 2012. So my real world now consists of filling in long days planning new holidays and of course toeing the line with my friends at Centrelink

Of course two years later I now have 5 wonderful grandchildren to catch up with – little Brody Bear changes so quickly and imagine Jess has changed a lot since last time. So big kiddies prepare yourself now – only got pressies for the Grandkids.

I am a reduntiree remember 🙂

Ah that looks like Dubai in the distance. Quiet sleep here I come. Arrived on time but then it's a 15 minute bus ride to the bloody terminal. Bags were slow and then get ripped off at taxi stand by getting directed to premier Lexus taxi. 50 dirham as soon as you sit in taxi. Hotel of course is all class but in front are large what look like parking lots . It's after midnight right. There are at least 20 different cricket matches being played on the bitumen!





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