The Battle of Midway

Posted: October 20, 2013 in Travel

So we come to the midway point and the largely wasted day. A good nights sleep for a change and woke to a another glorious day in Chicago so thought I would head into town and burn some more Ventra credit which was useless after today. My foodie guide yesterday assured me Intelligentsia Coffee was good and there was a store near Millenium park. So one more ride on the 151 to Sheridan and then let Google Maps guide me. Ok one street was shut down for shooting a film or commercial and the cops were not messing around. I have had my fair share of trouble with google maps this trip and today was no different. Apparently there is a “Pedway” I needed to access but damned if I could find it. So basically a wasted hour and back home for my usual cereal and crumpet breakfast! Most of the packing already done I naturally allowed myself plenty of time to get to airport and left before 10:30 for a 14:00 flight. The cab ride was fine with some heavy traffic at times. Then I remembered you had to pay to check in luggage within USA. The security check line up was long and slow but at end of day got to lounge K19 at midday with 2 hrs to fill in. Stopped in the very noice Bubbles (just for CLP) and in some mad fit of health mania went for the rather bland shrimp salad to accompany my Sav Blanc. Why I passed on the meat and cheese platter may stay with me until my grave – which hopefully now may be a few weeks later. So I sit and wait. Had to delete my kindle app so I could download again to get 30 mins free wifi😄

At this stage flight is on time. The worst thing about flying solo is having to take your carry on luggage everywhere with you – including the urinal! So there is just the wait and the rather spartan 4:30 flight. Left knee is really giving me hell at present so 4:30 of sitting in bent position could be problematic. It’s a bitch getting old. No longer will I be Chillin in Chicago – but let’s face it I will be cool wherever I am

Especially with my Cowbell T shirt

  1. Woody says:

    You know Google maps are often a godsend and just as often a pain in the arse. Ive found over the years that even as a being with a penis, when traveling sometimes ya just got swallow the pride and ask for directions. OK, by that I mean my wife usually starts yelling at me to ask someone for direction “for fuck’s sake”, but lesson learned.

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