USA. Week One – Ramblings

Posted: October 16, 2013 in Travel

I do love the good old USA and hope to come back again but of course that doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It’s not Queensland after all. Some thoughts

Airlines. Not talking about value for money here as all lumped in one price and am sure you get what you pay for. While Qantas planes are showing their age on board service is still both plentiful and good. Now AA is a different experience. Welcome to Standby and Upgrade screens. Also ” As we have a full flight today we do not have room for all carry on luggage. Can some people please check their luggage through now ?” Ok, is this not akin to not have enough life rafts on the boat because you know we are very rarely full! Also here is a tip – how about you enforce the fucking hand luggage limits. Fair dinkum some people wheel on hand luggage bigger than a Walter White barrel. Now on board the free refreshments are limited to a diet Dr Pepper and you can pay for the rest. However the economy seats are more comfortable and have more room than Qantas

Food. Big portions of course but I am a bit confused by the service model. There seems no clear guidelines often as to where you stand , how you order, how you get beverages etc. it’s not quite Soup Nazi but not too far off. Paint a couple of signs fellas for the tourists and then you won’t have to explain everything. There are plenty of healthy alternatives and most menus have caloric load etc. – like anyone cares about that here.

Transport. Very good really. Using the Ventra card which works on buses and trains. Have not met a subway system I didn’t like really. Drivers still love using a horn I notice. The pedestrians are really just as bad though as more often than not walk across even on a red hand.

Taxes. Help. The land of the Free – and the hidden tax. Just round up and give us the total will ya. Sick to death of all the small change because everything now costs $x:18c ! If it is $6.50 and you want to load tax on at least round up to $7:20. Fark.

People. Generally very friendly and helpful. But please, why is it everyone outside of Qld has to continually warn us about the cold weather so that we dress up like Nanook of the North and find ourselves 30 miles from home carrying a bloody gortex parka. It’s really only wind chill. Get out of the wind and the temp jumps 10 degrees. I reckon I will go through 3 zippers over here opening and closing jackets. Normally that only happens with my pants….

I find it hard to get comfortable at night temperature wise. You go to bed nice and rugged up at 20:00 hrs of course. Then during the night the owner switches on the internal heating and you wake up sweating and kick the Doona off. Slowly get back to sleep and then wake up at 04:00 with double pneumonia. Leave the heating off fellas – when it comes to the bedroom I have the situation in hand ok!

So not quite half the holiday over and having a ball. Will definitely have to come back with the CLP to enjoy more of the restaurant and night life.

And still not quite sure about that washing machine. I think it shrunk my pants. They certainly feel tighter.

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