Golden Globes 2013 – The Good, The Bad and Tommy Lee Jones

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Movies

EDIT – THE GREAT Tina Fey (my Tina)

The Good

Tina and Amy. Nowhere near enough of them but what was there was worked well 95% of the time. Tina’s dress up was fun

Ferrell and Wiig – Hilarious segment.

Clinton – shows the high paid actors/actresses how a well paid Politician speaks easily and naturally. Better still led into Amy’s best line of the night

Game Change Love – great show

Jodie Fosters acceptance speech

Jennifer Lawrence – great win for a great actress in a great movie

Django wins – good win for QT followed by good speech

Ann Hathaway – only thing more certain than the weather bureau fucking up yet another forecast is her Oscar win. If only she came as Catwoman, Tina could have some opposition

Kevin Costner – one of the better speeches, no idea if he deserved the win though

Adele winning – clear winner, clear Pommy twang

At least Modern Family and Big Boring Bang did not win a thing

Borat – always a mixed bag but nailed Rusty to the mast

The Bad

Plunging necklines replaced by the two fried egg look?

Lena Durham – get a bloody dress that stays up and you can walk > 1km/day in for fucks sake. Get some decent Tats now. Dont get The Girls love sorry

Hugh Jackman – you love your wife. We get it. You could screw anyone in the room (except Jodie Foster) but you chose Debbie. Fine – just shut up about it purleese.

Ben Affleck – great guy, great talent but for some reason chose to speak at 300 words/min and then forgot Clooney. Then got wife to thank him

Homeland Love – it was a pretty weak/frustrating season folks. If you dont want BB again fair enough but Boardwalk pissed all over Homeland this season

Silver Linings being stuck in Comedy/Musical?

Julianne Moore – great actress, great role but looked like a horse on helium giving her speech

Maggie Smith winning anything for playing herself. Weak field admittedly

The CIA guy for Argo – genuine hero, not a public speaker

Mel Gibson – why was he there exactly?

Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones

Being a reduntiree I actually watched an awards show live for about the first time ever and this was a pretty enjoyable, tightly run 3 hrs helmed by my favorite lady and her BFF

  1. Though I only saw bits and pieces this ceremony was something of an exception in that A) All the awards were ‘major’ thanks to the merged mediums, B) The hosts were great and didn’t just disappear (even once they were a little drunk) and C) it wasn’t as overlong as many others are with clips packages and special events.

    I liked that they tried to make Mandy into the grouch for the night (someone needed to replace Gervais’ negativity) with forced jokes but Tommy Lee did so much better with just one laconic look. Love that man.

    As for the awards, best not to pay too much attention to the GG’s. I mean Mad Men not nominated for Best Drama? Silver Linings in the Com/Mus category (Which I actually agree with and would have had it win) but not Les Mis? And Argo winning an award in Best Director that the Academy didn’t even see fit to nominate it for.

    Still, if you don’t like Girls then it was better than all the other shows on last night.

  2. flashman181 says:

    Its not that I don’t like Girls – its a pefectly fine and at times fresh show – I simply don’t join in with all the gushing that it is the best thing since whenever. Flashing your boobs every show doesnt make it edgy – and with her body hardly enjoyable :). It was actually on during the day for some of us…….

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