Octoberfestivus Day 28

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Travel

Dubai to Brisbane

That’s all folks. Woke up on time and went down for one last plentiful but largely non satisfying breakfast. Smooth check out and BC chauffeur was waiting well on time. He may have been expecting the Bay City Rollers as it was a Volvo van with seating for 6 but no, it was just the CLP and me. Smooth drop off and check in including 2 passport checks. Then we had a 20 minute walk to our gate. It was 21 mins to First Class lounge so we went there first . The plane was running 30 mins late at present but expected to arrive in Brisbane 30 minutes early – you gotta love Math. The lounge at Dubai is much like the breakfast in hotels – looks a lot better than it actually is at least for this little black duck. Too much sweet stuff or cold meats for me in the morning. The pork bacon is burnt to within an inch of its existence in one last act of defiance I imagine. So will sign off now for this trip but first some awards

Best Organised trip – Wine tour through Chianti
Best Accomodation- Rome Apartment
Best meal – Beef Bourguignon in Paris
Best Dining – L’epi Dupine Paris
Best Event – Moulin Rouge
Best View -burj AL Arab Skyview Bar
Best City to visit – Florence
Best City to stay for a while – Paris
Best Fun – Segway tour Prague
Best Bath – Sofitel Dubai
Best Beer – Cafe des 2 Moulin (yeah I was surprised too)
Best Coffee – no winner but had one good one near Bastille in Paris
Best Wine – sharing a bottle with brother in Chablis – some French stuff
Best Relaxation – beer and Shishah around pool at sunset in Dubai
Best Pampering – BC trip from Zurich to Dubai with Emirates
Best Statue – David in Florence
Best Building – Colosseum
Best Train trip – Paris to Zurich
Best short visit – Venice (only nominee actually but it was a great 6 hours)

Hottest Women – Prague

Worst Experience – Overnight Train from Venice to Paris with Thello

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