Octoberfestivus Day 15

Posted: October 18, 2012 in Travel

Florence Finale

In our rather superb location there is a church bell that dongs on the hour ,every hour. I must be sleeping well as it is not keeping me awake at night but when you do rouse and it is still quite dark it is handy to hear 6 or 7 chimes, and preferably the latter. This was basically our last day in Florence as we catch a morning train tomorrow for 8 hour layover in Venice before overnight train to Paris. All we had booked for the day was the midday snooze fest at Galleria de Academie to see my statue. The only thing I will ever regret about our wine tour the previous day was that the hostess with the mostess gave CLP a couple more churches to check out in our area. Yay. Trudge trudge bless bless and then time for a coffee before a look inside Il Duomo. Once again very impressive ceilings and domes. As it was approaching 1130 we thought we would head to the Academia as not sure if the Uffizzi deal was in place again. Once again we did have to go to another area to get our tickets first and then it was a relatively short wait. Inside we quickly followed the masses to the statue of David which was very impressive and dominated the area. As with most of these museums photography is strictly forbidden. As with most of these museums that does not stop about 20% of the clowns. I would suggest until one of the “guards” takes your camera off you and smashes it on the floor the warnings are largely pointless. After the main attraction the rest was pretty boring really even for a museum fan like moi.

We rushed out into the bright day in search of lunch – or as quick as you can rush when there is literally a sea of people around. And these are tourists remember, so your basic ignorant moron. We settled in for yet another pizza and beer and then slowly meandered our way home with just another 2 or 3 essential souvenirs to grab. I probably should have passed on the Antipasto as entree – too much protein for this little black duck. We will head out for one last dinner tonight before sadly bidding farewell to Florence. It really was everything I expected and more

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