Octoberfestivus Day 12

Posted: October 16, 2012 in Travel


Our last morning in Rome looked threatening so we did the walk to Termini in plenty of time. We need not have bothered. Train due to leave at 1015 when we saw the “delayed” message pop up – new departure time 1035. Ok these things happen. What was very frustrating though was it was 1050 and they were still showing departing at 1035 when a train finally arrived at a platform and they gave us a number. Epic fail Trenitalia. The train itself was fine as we were in first class but in keeping with the day so far 4 loud Yanks got on in the seats in front of us and talked and laughed the whole train trip. The trifecta was completed when we arrived in Florence and it was pissing down. However we got a taxi easily and our apartment was ready for us on arrival – Cassetta Bonsi and the ever helpful Maurizio was on hand to show us the ins and outs. It looks a great apartment but will not be as quiet as Rome unfortunately . We unpacked and strolled down the road to nearest supermarket. Now this is a superbly equipped place – the only thing missing was a płeasant staff member. Honestly Italian “service” people have been the least helpful of any I have encountered in my moderately extensive travels. Anyhoo rain was at bay a bit so we dropped off the groceries and headed back out with camera and galoshes. We were very close to the river and also the Ponte Vecchio bridge which surprisingly was full of jewellery stores. Who knew. We were on the lookout for some genuine leather goods but by now the skies were threatening again so off for a quick peak at Il Duoma which was rather impressive. A couple of T shirts later and the skies opened so it was home for some chianti and cheese and hopefully a good nights sleep. A full day beckons tomorrow

I cannot upload photos at present withbthebcrap wifi in Florence apartment

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